Having a party, and wondering what to serve?
Hope this list makes it easier!

Sweets ( not desserts)
Festival special - Almond Rolled sweets or Badam Katli
Atte ka sheera / Whole Wheat Halwa
Cinnamon Cognac Truffles (Vegan)
Gujiya / Stuffed Indian pastry (Holi speciality)
Pal payasam - Kheer
Paruppu Pradaman
Porulvalanga Urundai
Vella Cheedai / Hard Jaggery Balls

Starters (appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, finger foods, small eats)
Aloo chaat
Baked potatoes
Bharwan Khumb (Stuffed Mushrooms)
Corn And Vegetable Croquettes (Make them small)
Hara Paneer Tikka
Herb sticks
Khatti Arbi / Colocassia
Kothimbir Vadi/Coriander Gramflour squares
Oven-dried tomatoes
Pan Fried Tofu (serve hot)
Tandoori Aloo / Grilled Potatoes
Tandoori Pesto Potatoes
Tandoori Gobi - I
Tofu Croquettes with Hummus (Bite sized)
Vegan Cutlets

Soups, juices and liquid appetizers
Bottlegourd juice / doodhi juice
Chaas, Mor, Salty buttermilk
Chickpea Pasta Soup (Heavy soup)
Cream of mushroom
Dip canape topping - 1
Spicy Ginger Lemon Soopa
Spinach soup
Palak Shorba ~ Spinach Soup - II
Thakkali or Tomato rasam
Tri fruit punch
Zucchini and Coriander Flower Soup

Broccoli salad - A Summer Delight!
Cauliflower salad
Chickpea salad in Italian dressing
Corn and Alfalfa Sprouts Salad
Green Gram Salad
Mixed Sprout subzi/salad

Mains (Rice, flat breads, pasta and breads)
Avadhi Tahiri Biryani
Bengali Kichuri
Basil Mint No-cheese Risotto
Bisi belebath / Rice, lentils and vegetables in on...
Corn rice / Makai chaawal - I
Dal Khichdi
Indian Spiced Bread OR Dill and onion bread
Kidney Bean and Brown Rice Risotto - Italian
Makai Bhaat or Corn Rice -II
Marjoram flavoured rice with grilled vegetables
Mint Rice
Orange Saffron Rice
Szechuan Rice Supreme
Tarragon rice with kidney beans and baked potatoes
Thair chaadam or curd rice
Tomato rice
Vegetable Pulav

Indian breads
Aloo paratha / Stuffed potato flatbread
Beet Pulao
Gobi ke parathe
Koki / Spiced flatbread from Sindh
Kulcha / Filled flatbread from Punjab
Missi Roti - Wheat and chickpea flour flatbread
Mooli ke parathe / Indian flatbread filled with radish
Naan / Indian flatbread usually made in tandoor
Paratha / Various fillings discussed
Phulka (Soft Indian flatbread)
Thalipeeth / Spiced multigrain flatbread from Maharashtra

Other breads
Cheese bread - II
Focaccia bread
Herbed Cheese Braided Bread
Herb sticks
Hot Cross Buns
Indian Spiced Bread OR Dill and onion bread
Julia Child's French Bread
Millet Pissaladiere and Millet Buns
Oatmeal bread
Potato Bread - I
My own Potato filled bread
Rosetta rolls (Slightly sweet)
Whole wheat buns

Lasagne with spinach and tofu cheese
Pesto pasta
Spaghetti in Indian sauce

Sides (Dry curries, gravies, vegetables)
Akbari Chhole / Chickpea in Yellow Gravy "E"
Aloo Bhindi "E"
Aloo Gobi Rasedar OR Cauliflower Potato Curry
Aloo Methi (Potatoes and Fenugreek dry curry)
Arachhu utta sambar (Sambar with fresh masala paste)
Avarakkai poduthuval
Aviyal "E"
Beans mezhukkupuratti / Sauteed String Beans
Bhindi Fry
Bhindi ki subzi
Cauliflower and peas dry curry / Gobi Matar
Chane ki dal OR Bengal gram lentils sauce
Chhole for kulcha "E"
Dal Tadka
Dhingri badaami / Mushrooms in Almond Gravy Very "E"
Dry black chickpeas / aloo-chana sukha
Baigan ka bharta/Roasted eggplant
Gutte ki subzi "E"
Jhunka or Zunka
Kadala Paruppu Kootu / Lentils with vegetables "E"
Keerai molagootal/Spinach in coconut gravy
Kulith ki kadhi/Horsegram in yogurt gravy
Mah ki dal / Dal Maharani / Kali Dal "E"
Masoor ki dal ~ Red gram lentil soup
Matki or Moth Makhani "E"
Mezhukkuvaratti (Roasted vegetables)
Mushroom and Tofu curry "E"
Paneer Bhurji - Scrambled Cottage Cheese "E"
Paneer Makhani (Cottage cheese in gravy) "E"
Pindi Chhole (Dry / Sukhe) "E"
Puzhukku "E"
Rajma "E"
Rajma - Kidney beans in tomato sauce - II
Soya Matar Pasanda "E"
Spicy Paneer Nuggets "E"
Tandoori Gobi - I
Thakkali or Tomato rasam
Ullakazhangu Podimas ~ Potatoes rolled in coconut
Ullukazhaiga Roast / Potato Roast
Varuthu Araitha Kootu
Vegetable Jalfrezi "E"

Miscellaneous accompaniments (Chutneys, pickles and dips)
Cashew Dip Vegan
Homemade ghee or Clarified butter
Lal Mirch ka achaar / Spicy stuffed red chilly pickle
Paruppu thogayal / Lentil chutney
Pudina/Mint chutney
Tengai podi / Coconut powder
Tomato Basil Almond Tofu Pesto
Tomato Pickle or 'Thakkali Thokku'

Apricot Ice Cream
Apricot Mousse Cake or a Verrine?
Brownies with ice cream
Cherry Tartlets
Chocolate Tart with a low fat pastry crust
Creamcheese pops
Eggless Mango Ice Cream - King Alphonso
Eggless Mango Ice Cream made with Cottage Cheese
Fig Kuchen or Fig Crumble Cake (Vegan)
Gaajar ka halwa - I
Gaajar ka halwa - II
Light Fruit and Nut Vegan Cake
Mango banana frangipane tart
Mix fruit
Mulberry Ice Cream (Vegetarian and vegan versions)
No cook Ooey Gooey Vegan Chocolate Pudding!
Red Grapes and Strawberry Semifredo
Rich moist almost vegan chocolate cake
Strawberry bundt cake
Strawberry ice cream
Summer Fruit Tartlets
Thai Mango Sticky Rice Pudding OR Khao Niaow Ma Muang
Various - Vegan Bundt Cakes
Vegan Cheesecake Brownies
Vegan Light Fruit Cake

A high tea?
Almond cookies
Apricot Mousse Cake or a Verrine?
Banana cake
Banana Nut Loaf
Black Plum Tartes Tatin
Chocolate Crinkles
Chocolate Pudding
Corn And Vegetable Croquettes
Grissini with soup
Herbed Cheese Braided Bread
Herb sticks
Kothimbir Vadi/Coriander Gramflour squares
Light Fruit and Nut Vegan Cake
Mango banana frangipane tart
Mathris - Indian savoury cookies
Mint masala dosa
Monkey bread
Puff pastry - Savory, Sweet and Plain versions
Rich moist almost vegan chocolate cake
Rustic Coconut Cake
Strawberry bundt cake
Swedish Tea Ring - Vegan
Tandoori Aloo / Grilled Potatoes
Tofu Croquettes with Hummus
Ullundu or Medu Vadai and Chutney
Various - Vegan Bundt Cakes
Vegan Carrot Cake
Vegan Cheesecake Brownies
Vegan Scones
Zeppoles, zapplas or simply fried donuts!


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