Tri fruit punch

Summer days are here again! Gives me a lot of opportunity to try out punches (This one is non-alcoholic), slushes and just fruit juices!

I got the idea for this one from Nita Mehta from her orange ginger mint cooler. Only thing is that I had few oranges and lots of watermelon and a little Real litchi juice! The watermelons were bought to be juiced, the litchi juice was waiting to be used, and the oranges were getting older, so I thought why not put them together like this:


A mixer or blender - I used a mixie and strained the juice!
1 Watermelon
Cut the watermelon into big pieces and remove the seeds. (Its easier to remove the seeds if you cut along the line of formation of the seeds - most fall out even as you cut!)
1 Orange
Peel the orange, remove the threads and deseed.
Ginger (Grated) - About 1tsp.
Mint - 2 or 3 leaves - chopped (I did not add as I could not find them!)
Litchi juice - Real's - About 1/4 cup.


Blend the watermelons along with the orange, ginger and mint in a mixer.

Strain through a muslin cloth (We had it strained through a big eyed sieve alongwith the healthy water melon crush - but I had to sieve the rest as my son would not have it otherwise!).

Add the litchi juice to the extract. (It also gives more thickness to the juice). Serve with lots and lots of ice after refrigerating for some time.

Yummy tri fruit (Orange, litchi, melon) juice ready to be taken!

If you want a slush, crush the ice and add to the juice.

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