Aloo Bhindi

I generally require 3/4kg of bhindi for four of us. This time I used up some for sambar, and what was left would not have been enough. This led me to make my SIL's favourite dish - Aloo Bhindi. She is one of those lucky ladies who can eat all they like and nothing shows up on the frame. The aloo bhindi is one such item - if made too often is definitely going to add some oodles which is why I have never made it till today! It tastes great as fried stuff often do:)

Here's the recipe - Do try it once! This combo of potato and ladyfinger is something I never came across until I came to Mumbai, and believe me - they make a lovely couple!

Ladyfingers - 1/2kg (Washed, patted dry and cut into 1" long pieces)
Potatoes - 2 medium (Peeled and cut into long wedges)
Onions - 1 big (Chopped fine)
Tomatoes - 2 medium (Chopped fine)
Turmeric powder - 1/2tsp.
Red Chilli Powder / flakes - 1/2 tsp.
Dry Mango Powder - A pinch
Coriander powder - 1/4 tsp. (Optional)
Oil - To deep fry

Jeera - 1 tsp.

2 tbsp. of Coriander leaves chopped rough

1. Deep fry the dried bhindi till done and potatoes till browned and set aside.

2. Heat a little oil. Temper with jeera.

3. Add onions and saute to transparent. Add tomatoes and a little salt and fry till juices ooze.

4. Add the veggies and saute well adding the powders and adjusting the salt.

Garnish and serve with rotis or rice and dal.

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