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If you have been here during the last week you must be aware of the mango celebration that was going on whole of last week at my place. It started with a week of simply cutting up and eating the mangoes or sucking the juice from the whole fruit! Then I went on to experiment with the mango cream short cake and from there to the Mango Lassi when we found the mangoes really sweet. And no we are not talking just about any mango here – we speak of ‘alphonso’ – those juicy delectable sweet things that are such sinful pleasure to eat!

That week I googled a lot in search of some good mango recipes, and found a really nice eggless mango ice cream recipe by Bharathy of Spicy Chilly. I first savour food with my eyes, then read the recipe and if it makes my mouth water – then I go ahead and try it! Bharathy’s photographs of the ice cream were enticing making me want to take a lick right then. That it was eggless was a bonus! Every time I see eggless desserts, my heart starts singing because there is something in it for me too!

I have modified the recipe very slightly - I squeezed out the pulp from mangoes instead of using the canned ones. I did not add the fresh cream as the ice cream was already very thick, and I did not find any icicles forming. Here is what I did to get 1/2kg of delicious, vegetarian, eggless mango ice creams which was loved by my family very very much!

Yield – 1/2kg. (Adapted from Bharathy’s recipe)

Pulp from 4 medium sized alphonsos

1 litre full cream milk

A tbsp of flour(maida)

3/4 cup of sugar


1.Boil milk in a heavy bottomed kadai and reduce it to ¼ the original quantity on high flame stirring with a wooden spoon every few minutes. Don’t scrape off the malai/cream that gathers along the sides of the pan. You can scrape it in thick layers after the milk is sufficiently thick by moistening with some milk on the sides, and scraping it after it softens. It should look like rabdi at the end.

2.Dissolve sugar and simmer for a few more minutes in low flame. When it cools completely refrigerate overnight. This really thickens the milk and settles the malai thick.

3.The next morning dissolve the maida in some of the cooled milk. Put back the rest of milk to boil and add the maida solution to the boiling milk gently, stirring all the time to avoid lumps.

4.Simmer again till it comes to a thick consistency. Remove from fire. Cool and add the mango pulp and mix well. Pulse to blend into a homogeneous mixture.

5.I poured it in a Natural’s ice cream container upto the brim and refrigerated it for nearly 2 hours.

6.Remove and blend with a hand blender. Bharathy says you may add a tbsp. of fresh cream if there are any lumps at this stage while blending. I did not do that as the mixture was thick and creamy and there were lumps or icicles.

7.Freeze again till it hardens – Mine took the whole night (We have power cuts – remember?)

8.This is what Bharathy says – “Scoop them into ice-cream cups and enjoy the product without counting the calories :).”

They were heavenly to say the least! Like my son who is rather spontaneous said – Mummy, this not good. It is much much better than the natural’s mango ice cream. Coming from a tot who is really hard to please, that speaks volumes for the taste, texture and look!

Texture: The first time we had it – it became pulpy pretty soon. The second time round it was exactly the way it should be – layered and did not melt within the first five minutes!

Thank you Bharathy for that yummy recipe – it is a keeper for sure!

P.S: It is the remnants of the pulp from these mangoes that went into the mango lassi the next day!

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