Palak Shorba ~ Spinach Soup - II

Palak shorba ~ Vegan Spinach Soup
Vegan Spinach Soup

I have made a spinach soup and posted it too, long back. This is a milder, quicker version. Quicker because I have vegan stock in my freezer all the time and I make sure I have at least a glass of coconut milk stocked in my fridge every other day. All I need to do then, is mix them in with pureed spinach and a tasty soup is all set to be drunk. Yes drunk, not sipped like soup. It is easier to serve my children in a steel tumbler as it reduces the risk of getting spilt and saves me from cleaning up afterwards. Oh yes! A mom needs to think all this if she has to get to work in time or maintain a calm state of mind after returning from work.

The recipe is almost the same as the pumpkin soup, made about the same time too.

Dish : Vegan Spinach Soup
More is less so be your own judge.
(I hope you will fall short and wish that you made more. Shameless I know, but I hope you will want more of my recipes and I am not going to shy away from admitting that!)

Vegan soup stock - 1 cup
First thick extract of coconut milk - 1 cup
Spinach - 1 big bunch (Picked and rinsed well in many changes of water till it runs clear)
Water - 1/2 cup
Salt and pepper as per taste
Coconut cream (optional)


Heat water to boiling and immerse the spinach leaves without stalks. Cover for a few minutes till the leaves wilt. About five minutes at the most.

Cool and puree using a blender along with the water. Add the coconut milk and stock.

Warm the soup stirring all the while. Adjust salt as per taste.

I serve pepper separately. You may garnish the soup with a drizzle of coconut cream or olive oil. I never pair coconut milk and garlic in the same dish. For me, the flavours clash but again, that's me. If you are fine with that you could add a pod of roasted garlic while blending or a throw in some roasted flakes later.

I like one or two slivers of roasted almond floating around. It is a surprise element in my soups.

Vegan Spinach Soup

If you find the soup thick you could always dilute with a mix of stock and milk in equal proportions.

Serving suggestions:
Any bread would pair well with a soup. Please look up my recipe list to make a choice. I end up drinking my soup even before I take a bite of bread sticks or whatever, unless it is really hot and I like my soup just warm except when its Winter.

And yes, I am chatty. I could go on 'bout how and why I like things in a particular way but you would scroll so I won't do that!

Today was a good day. An unexpected holiday, well spent.

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