Chaas, Mor, Salty buttermilk

Call it by whatever name it is the ultimate thirst quencher during these hot summer days - chaas, neermor (Tamil), sambharam(Malayalam) or buttermilk.

I make about 2 or 3 litres daily. My daughter takes 1/2l to school for shortbreak or long. I carry 1/2l to office and the rest stays in the fridge for having as soon as we return. It not only quenches the thirst but is healthy, prevents dehydration and has a nice heavenly smell. I haven't prepared panna yet which is also a great option for a summer drink.

Here's how I make it:

1. Whisk freshly made or store brought non-fat curd/yogurt till smooth [I make curd with cow milk and my daughter who is fond of the cream generally removes the top layer and eats it up, so it contains hardly any fat :) ]

2. Depending on your taste, crush a few curry leaves, 1 green chilly and 1/4" grated ginger together in a small mortar.

3. Add lots of water to the whisked curd till it turns absolutely runny. Add salt to taste and the crushed spices and whisk with a kadchi or egg beater till its a uniform blend. (As shown above)

4. Serve in a tall steel tumbler (For that rustic feel) or a tall glass whisking well so that the froth remains on top while serving.

Tip: If you are carrying it with you to office as I do, substitute water with equal quantities of milk and water. That way the buttermilk will not turn sour.

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