Gaajar ka halwa - II

Vegan low fat carrot halwa

I had to post this one before the stroke of midnight because as I wanted this to go to FIC - Orange hosted by Aparna. Not because the event was started here but because she is a dear friend and I wanted a sweet to go to her!

Today was a very hectic day starting with a sudden spring cleaning mood that overtook me (I am afraid I am even worse than Monica sometimes!), followed by a hurried breakfast and shooting off to the school to attend the 'Open Day' - a day to showcase the projects and other activities the children have performed during the year, and of course a tete-a-tete with their respective teachers. Unlike my Father who always came to my school with the feeling "what has she been upto now?" (maybe 'dejavu' is the right word), I had no such fear as I have been at that end too! However, I received some very pleasant news about them and Jr.P's teacher was totally 'fida' (another expression I like here would be 'lattu') over him. When I conveyed the news to my parents.....Dad was like, "Yeah!! After all he is my grandson, and thank God for such lovely children." I am sure there was an addendum there that did not quite make it - "She is so lucky they don't take after her when it comes to naughtiness."

By the time we were back home it was time for a quick pasta lunch and then the day just seemed to fly past. I re-read a delish recipe and drooled over the picture when a couple of good friends dropped in, and we had a hearty 'chailess-time' (as none of has had tea) laced with good healthy gossip after a long time about our expanding waistlines, shrinking clothes, kids these days, books, the advent of organic and mutant food etc.... It was a while after they had gone that I realized that the sun was setting and I had missed my precious afternoon nap! Not really missed it as good company is quite an anti-dote to daily routine 'madness'.

I was able to catch a few moments shuteye on the sofa before the pleasure was broken with the shrill ringing of the bell and my son who had gone out to play. Kids have enormous boundless energy and he insisted that I play scrabble with him 'at least once a week'. I just could not refuse as I know he is getting really good at it and just needs me to ensure that he is good!! After half an hour he was leading by 10 points and was jubilant as this is the second time in a row that this has happened:), and it was time for me to cook dinner. I somehow talked out of continuing the game tomorrow!! ..........And so, Aparna - I am really sorry to get this to you so late!!!! (15minutes still to go)

Last time I had posted Carrot Halwa I had used vegetable shortening (vanaspati), something I rarely use for many of the reasons listed here. When Bharti commented about the vanaspati not being a good thing, she did me a favor because sometimes we need people to push us to come up with better alternatives, and the recipe today is thanks to her!!

Today's carrot halwa is a low calorie, nutritious recipe. I had mixed reactions but I did not expect much as in India though most people are not meat eaters, the idea of having a sweet without ghee or milk is unthinkable for most! My family has got used to me trying out new things and they always welcome my efforts but I am afraid M Aunty was not happy with the compromise. Look here and you will know why!! K was all for it as she too is avoiding excessive fats these days. This time I replaced the shortening with 4tbsp. of 'Carotino' oil for nearly 450gms of grated carrots, so this one is really low cal and healthy. I also tried it again with a little more oil but we could all detect the characteristic smell of carotino so I guess 4 is max!!

450g - Grated carrots (large eyed grater)
4tbsp - Carotino oil/Sunflower/Any other natural oil with little or no flavor (Not olive oil/Coconut) - You could use soymargarine or vegan butter but we this is not available in the area where I stay!
Soymilk - 1 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup (Or more as per taste - remember that carrots reduce to half)
Cashews (Optional) - I did not use.

Heat the oil. Add the grated carrots and keep cooking till done. When you feel the oil is getting really less add 1/2 cup sugar and soymilk.

Carrot halwa preparation

Cook till absorbed and the mixture comes together as shown below:

Preparation of vegan low fat carrot halwa

Serve with a garnish of slivered pistachios, almonds or cashews and ice cream. Carrot halwa goes well with ice cream.

If you are vegan already you will like it very much, but if you are not....well I don't really know!! How would I? Maybe you should try!! A teaspoon of butter before removing from fire should definitely be good!

Event Submissions:
This goes to Aparna who is guest hosting FIC for me this time. It had to be a carrot after all!!

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