Its tofu time:)

My husband has gone crazy seeing tofu at home - he tried hating it for long but now he has succumbed to its flavors! Tofu has at last won over all of us:)

Jr.H always liked it (but then you know she likes anything!), Jr.P likes it sometimes - he has a love hate relationship with it, and I fell in love with it when I saw how I could use it in all my dishes and yet hide it from those who say they hate tofu! P was one of them so whenever I made cakes earlier I never let it out that tofu was the egg replacer and when he would give me the thumbs up, I would reveal it with a swish like a magician! It is only recently when I made the tofu marinate that he realised the versatility of this 'yet to be fully recognised' vegan ingredient. Since then I have been happily incorporating it and discovering its full potential.

I am also trying out a lot of ice creams these days - just stuck a melon ice cream and strawberry ice cream in the freezer - so that I have lots of variety to offer when my Parents get here next month. My Mother loves ice cream, especially kaju kismis, and I want to see her smile when she tries mine and I hope that she will say it is better than what we get at Naturals! That is the yard stick I have kept for myself!

I realized that there are too many food pictures that haven't had a chance to get here still so am posting three of my favourite recipes. These are all fast, nutritious and healthy.

Pan fried tofu:
Drain the water from a block of extra-firm tofu by placing it on a plain plate and keeping a weight on top of it (a rectangular tray or plate) for at least 30 minutes. Cut it into half and then into 1cm thick rectangular blocks.

Heat a non-stick flat pan or skillet, and lay the pieces. Oil is not needed but you may drizzle some if you like. The tofu pieces will sizzle for a while. Using a pancake turner, turn over after a minute and brown the other side. Remove onto a plate. Sprinkle chilli powder or roasted peanut powder or drizzle hoisin sauce or jam and serve it as a starter. I did not like the jam but Jr.H did. Kids have wierd choices:)

Tofu cutlets:
Leftover cooked brown rice (Any rice)
Crumbled firm tofu (I used soyfit tofu)
Green chillies - chopped
Coriander - chopped
Salt and chilli powder to taste.

Grind the tofu and brown rice to a rough paste. Mix with the rest of the ingredients. Flatten into discs and shallow fry with sesame oil or any other oil. I served this for breakfast, with vegan white sauce seased with mustard and pepper.

Vegan Cashew Dip:
I made this the other day because I had many oranges. It was an impromptu thing that turned out tasty and makes a good dip with salad veggies or even roasted vegetable platter.

Tastes better than mayonnaise (I do not like mayo!). Grind a handful of raw cashews with a little water. When it turns to a smooth paste combine 3 tbsp. of fresh orange juice and season with a pinch of salt and pepper.

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