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I received a mail recently from an Indian reader asking whether 'sofit tofu' can replace 'mori-nu'. I replied saying it wouldn't as 'mori-nu' manufactures the kind which can be ground into a smooth paste or used as a marinade, but the Indian tofu is more hard and chewy textured and has a very raw nutty flavor which makes it a little difficult to even develop a taste! However when I saw some of the marinated tofu recipes in my 'Tofu Cookbook' I knew I had found the right recipes for sofit's tofu. After all one cannot purchase an expensive imported commodity for daily use, right? This is the first recipe I tried. The marinade is a simple one used in many Chinese dishes. I have used it very often before with mushrooms and paneer, and the 'sofit' tofu actually drives this dish a few notches up as compared to firm tofu - surprised? try it!

Sofit tofu has a more porous texture which helps the juices to really seep through and you will feel it as you bite into the pieces rather than the slippery feeling soft or firm tofu gives. If you are not a regular tofu eater, you may not like it as tofu is a borrowed concept in India. My children liked this (not the same as loved!!). My husband said the marinade was good but I could have added a bit more tang to it and made it with paneer! Did I not say you need to develop a taste!

I am really sorry - but I could not replace the hoisin sauce with an Indian ingredient!

Sofit chilly tofu/extra firm tofu - 1 block
(Open the pack, press gently but firmly to let the extra water drain without breaking the block in case you are using sofit's tofu. If any other extra firm variety then place some weight on the block to press out the extra liquid before chopping into rectangular pieces about 1cm thick)

Cashew milk (I used from the leftover cashew paste from the pudding) or any other vegan milk- 1/2 cup
Cornflour - 2 tsps.
Hoisin sauce - 2 tsps.
Soy sauce - 1 tsp.
Salt - a pinch
A few drops of tabbasco sauce or red chilly powder to taste
A pinch of sugar, if you would like a little sweetness

Mix the items for the marinade in a broad vessel and sit the rectangular chopped tofu rest in this overnight or at least three or four hours. See that all the pieces are well coated in the marinade.

Heat a non stick skillet and wipe with very little oil just to give a thin layer, or alternatively spray. It will roast well even without the oil but I found that it is easy to flip if there is a thin layer. Roast the tofu on both sides till brown and serve immediately as a starter. If you keep aside the tofu starts sweating. (I do not know the reason for this!)

Makes a great vegan appetizer. The bonus is that it is healthy, full of proteins and extremely low fat.

You may squeeze lime before serving if needed.

You can see the sweat in the snap below. It must have been about 15minutes after I roasted and it started behaving like this, so I had to stop any more clicking and stay satisfied. Certainly not what I would call 'model behaviour'!

Tofu marinate 3


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