Mushroom and Tofu curry

Last week I made a trip to 'Shoprite' at Nirmal Lifestyles in Bhandup as I had to get some ingredients that I don't get near my place. I started without a trolley as I had a small list - only 4 or 5 items to be bought. As we dove (Yes! We actually dove it is so huge!) further into the shop I said to my husband - "You hold these. I will pick up this one." This went on twice or thrice, and my husband got so exasperated - he offered to get me a trolley!!

I had picked up a new beater, cheese, tofu, fancy brownie moulds, a few cute looking cup cake liners, mushrooms, cream.........and lots more! This happens with me all the time (You too?) which is why we hardly shop together - my husband prefers that I give him a list and he shops now for the grocery! Ha, ha - I got him to do that which is why I get lots of time to blog and check out tasty recipes. The advantages - My husband picks up all these salad veggies (I'm guilty of not even giving them a look!!), lots of lettuce, celery, fruits etc.

The result of the trip was that our fridge since the past four days is loaded with more than it can handle and I am having a tough time trying to empty the veggies cooking, cooking and more cooking!!

That's how I made the mushrooms and tofu curry - out of compulsion!! I don't really like tofu very much - I still prefer paneer - but the tofu I bought this time was actually tasty - It had lots of chilli flakes all over - Chilli tofu from 'Soyfit'. The mushrooms in 'Shoprite' are always fresh and big so thats a staple if I'm shopping!

Tofu is low calorie and healthier as compared to paneer! Of the two paneer is a dairy product, made of milk. Tofu is made out of soya beans - its the vegan option for paneer. Made out of soya beans which in turn are full of soya proteins it is naturally very healthy. It is also said to be beneficial for heart matters as it reduces the level of bad cholestrol and maintains the level of good cholestrol. It is easily digestible unlike the beans since the fibre content is removed.

Now, isn't that enough to convert to tofu? (No, no, not for me - but I will always remember these facts and try and get more healthy!!) If you are vegan maybe you will like to check out this site for recipes and the know how of tofu!

Here's my 'Mushroom and tofu curry' (I simply substituted paneer with tofu)


Button mushrooms - 250g. (I power steamed in the m/w with some salt
for 2 minutes stirring once in between)
Tofu - 100g. (Cut into small/big chunks - as you like it!)
Tomatoes - 4 large
Onions - 2 small
Red chilli powder - to taste
Salt - to taste
Garlic - 1 tsp. grated
Ginger - 1 tsp. grated
Coriander - For the garnish
Oil - 1tbsp.

1. Grind tomatoes, onions, ginger and garlic till smooth.
2. Heat oil. Splutter cumin seeds, add a bayleaf if you wish.
3. Add the ground mixture and saute till the moisture evaporates.

4. Add the cooked mushrooms and some water and cook well. Taste to see whether the mushrooms has absorbed the flavours of the curry.
5. Add the tofu chunks and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Serve with any spiced rice like pulav or corn rice or any flatbread (Not with thalipeeth and koki!!).

Alert: Do not eat tofu too often. Do check up the ill effects of excess tofu!!

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