The Retro Files - 2008

I know its late but the clock hasn't struck twelve yet - Just taking a chance and running as always to make it at the nick of time:)

The 'new kid on the block' - Fears and apprehensions!

January 15, 2008 was a new beginning for me - TONGUE TICKLERS...... came into being.
When I started this blog the only thing I thought of was sharing my recipes, and my kitchen with other people! I was a little wary even to comment in other blogs because everyone seemed to know the writer except me! I used to wonder at the friendly tones in other blog comments and was at times envious because I never seemed to get any visitors at all! In fact I even thought of giving up after a month but P ( he always miraculously seems to read my mind and clear my doubts without my voicing it!!) saw my enthusiasm and my disappointment and suggested that I should read the early posts of my favourite bloggers because he was sure they too had started like me - the new girl in school, before they made many friends! It was the best suggestion as it cleared up many illusions and made me realize that I just have to go on sharing without expecting! I read all of Tartlette's posts right from the first one to the last one - yes! I have read all her posts and she is one of my cooking idols!! I also went through most of Jugalbandi's early posts and realized that the best of the blogs have started off like mine (OK Jai and Bee had great photographs right from day one while I am still groping:)) going without comments for quite sometime before they became popular.

I must also thank Asha, Srivalli, Sailaja and Jayasree for their suggestions and helping me out as I stumbled in the dark (linking, RSS, photographing and Taste of India Aggregator).

I did not know when - but somewhere along the way the blog became a discovery into various cuisines, a laboratory to display my experiments, a place that allowed me to conquer my fears of 'yeast' and now it is my playground! A place where I play with many of you through words of affections, dabble in light jokes - thanks to all my visitors for making me one amongst you!! It has been a great year for me, and I am all excited to see what 2009 has in store - do join me in my culinary expeditions - I hope to meet more of you 'in reality', just like I met Alka and Simran!!

Here is 'MY' best of Tongue Ticklers in 2008! I limited to ten but there are many others dying to squeeze in!

My Favourite Starters:

Tandoori Gobi / Grilled Cauliflower (Low calorie, Vegetarian)

My Favourite 'everyday' Side Dish:

Keerai Molagootal / Spinach in Coconut Gravy

My Favourite Rice apart from 'plain steamed rice':

Tomato Pulav

My Favourite Roti:

Mathri/Matthi - North Indian Savory Cookies

My Favourite Drink apart from water:

Tri Fruit Punch

My Favourite Dessert:

Mango Cream Shortcake

My Favourite Sweet:

Gujiya / Indian Sweet Puff

Maaladu - Gluten free Vegan Laddoos

My Favourite Health Fix:

Porulvilangai Urundai / Hidden Treasure Ball

These are off to Srivalli for her event "THE BEST OF 2008" ________________________________________________________________________

My Delicious Discoveries from other blogs:

Tartes Tatin - With Caramalised Black Plums (Vegan and High Calorie) From Tartlette

Red Grapes And Strawberry Semifredo (Veg.) From Meeta K

Rustic Coconut Cake From Madcap Cupcake

Chocolate Crinkles - Vegan From Anita Chu

Chickpea pasta soup - Vegan From PPK


My blog discoveries - Indian and Others!

My Favourite clicks - The Tandoori Gobi, the tomato pulav, the mango shortcake and the poruvilangai urundai!

My Failures - The macaroons, and the first scones which came out great next time!

My Successes - My friends, and family and times when they don't say but just dig into what I cook, the times you smiled when you read my posts! Food is secondary to a smile which means 'friends':)