Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Circa 1995 - Just Married Age
The only criteria for cooking food was that it should be edible (read as fried potato, mashed potato and anything to do with potatoes!). A couple of months and a few 'trial and error' experiments later we progressed to food that has to be 'tasty and edible' (included any vegetable in combination with potatoes!).

1999 - First time Mommy Age

One kid and change to a nuclear family set up made me experiment with food which now had to be 'appealing to the sight of a three year old, tasty and edible'. (Porridge, Cakes, Custards, Kheer and all things 'sugar n sweet')

2002 - 32 going on 20 Age
Blame it on Anjali Mukherjee's adverts. Two kids and a 'bloated Mommy envying her youthful friends' shifted to food that had to be healthy, and only healthy. (Sprouts, low calorie cooking, and lots of salads, not to forget the stint at SDIPA)

2005 onwards - Cooking for the Motley Crowd Age
Some two years ago, my daughter turned a tween and rebellious, my son joined school and came to know that of desserts and chocolate, and my husband 'P' did a course on Nutrition and Fitness!! Now meals have to satisfy the little fellow who loves chocolate puddings, the rebellious girl who likes fried stuff and anything other Mommies pack to lunch, a nutrition conscious husband and a compulsive health freak 'me' who cannot shed those extra kilos no matter what!! Now it is not just about taste but all about the right proportion of nutrients and the right combination of nutrients!! Its all fundoo stuff, and sometimes the comments bounce and go right over the head!

All the above has led me to collect those forty cook books I mentioned. The most recent addition is Maria Costantino's 'The Handbook of Energy Drinks'. I have tried many of her yummy concoctions, and my son is quite crazy about her 'banana calmer'. The one I am giving now is adapted loosely from her 'pepper power'.

This drink has a lot of health benefits if taken on a regular basis (I am no doctor or nutritionist and just get the facts verified!!). The drink is high on vitamins A and C, low in calories and has good sources of folic acid, fibre and potassium and carotenoids . It also has powerful antioxidant properties so its great for your heart.

Don't get fooled by the ravishing, passionate red - this drink is sure to get you out of your bed and get going!! When I served this wake up call to P, he had emitted a whole series of such funny expressions that I really regret not having a camera to capture the moments. But then, we all know - that which is good for your body need not necessarily taste good on your tongue! It isn't all that bad either - you just need to grow the habit, and a short stint at Talwalkar's has got me used to health drinks like 'karela juice and a fistful of sprouted moong', and 'spinach and cucumber juice' which tastes great if you add some mint and sprite for that extra fizz and zing.

Here's what you do to get a serving of this wonderful peppy stuff I called 'Red Hot Chilli Pepper' after one of my favourite rock groups!!

1/2 a red bell pepper
1 medium sized carrot
3 to 4 cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup of grapefruit juice
a slice of apple, and a slice of pear
Some pepper and red chilli flakes if you would like to feel the zing and the pep!!

Wash the fruits and veggies well. Peel the carrot and cut into chunks. Puree the pepper, tomatoes, carrots, apple and pear. Strain through a tea strainer pressing out the juice with a spoon.

Add the filtered clear grapefruit juice. Add the seasonings and honey or sugar to suit your taste. Have it in a pretty glass as you might love it better!!

Ha isn't a heavy price for good skin and a great heart:) Happy Manic Monday, dear readers!!

This is my first contribution to Food in Colours - Red for August 2008.

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