Paratha fillings - a motley crowd!

I was in two minds for a long time before I finally typed out this post, and decided on that title. This was the debate, and the argument between two of the most stubborn minds lasted a good 10 to 15 minutes causing a major headbanger's ball of a different kind, before I could finally make them agree and become one again:)

Mind 1 - "Hey! It is paratha again, and what is new?"
Mind 2 - "Well, frankly nothing much! Yet, they are all different aren't they?"

Mind 1 - "You mean the filling, that's nothing great. Any one could put in anything and call it a paratha as long as it is filled. Why post them separately?"
Mind 2 - "No, you're wrong. Each filling requires a separate post, else how do you title it?"

As always, the tussle was futile, and I decided to compromise, and accept a little from both 'Mind 1' and 'Mind 2'.

In short this means that henceforth, all parathas which will have the same covering but different fillings will keep getting updated as 'other options' in this post itself as and when made.

Parathas in which the covering itself is different, or made in a different manner will be honoured with a new post dedicated all to themselves.

See? This is going to turn out a motley crowd!

All the parathas here go to the energetic Srivalli who is having a 'roti mela' at her place - 'Cooking 4 all seasons'. Here is her yummy logo for the event. Click on the picture to apparate without a wand.

This is my PJ contribution to the event. The pun is a puny one. Have a go at it while you are here.

I am not repeating the basic dough recipe for the paratha covering, or the way to form the paratha as I have already detailed it here and here.

Filling for mixed vegetable and nuts paratha

Boil and peel potatoes (I steam it in cooker so that there is no extra water content). Chop fine veggies like cauliflower, beans, green peas & carrots and steam. Chop cashews and raisins into tiny bits. Chop coriander roughly. Mix everything in a large bowl. Add salt, and mash well. Gather into a tight ball. Do not add any spices, as you won't taste the actual flavour of the veggies. If your filling feels a little watery, add two slices of bread and mash well to hold better.

Use this as a filling for the cups made from the dough, and fry the parathas on a hot griddle on both sides.

Filling for meethi paronthi

You will require about 1 and 1/2 tsp. of caster sugar for the filling. Will be better if the dough for the covering is a little soft, as the pressure is likely to squeeze out the sugar which in turn will caramelize and stick to the griddle.

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