Can you answer this PJ?

Got back from a nice relaxing trip to Dandeli (A forest reserve in Karnataka), and then to my parents' place. Since Daddy's net is connected to the phone, I could not use it much. So, I would just peek in at other blogs at random while I was there. I am still in Bangalore mentally and not able to pick up myself to cook any yummies as of now. I did make a decent lunch of sambar, rice and kootu today!

Here's an interesting PJ. It is Tamil, so it is for those who understand or know Tamil even slightly. My elder sister who plays around with words, and has a keen punning skill in any language asked me this. I am afraid I am not one with such skills and could not guess the answer, but it is kinda cute so I just wanted to pass it on to Srivalli for the roti mela, as it seemed apt:

"What did the roti say to the naan?"

I will wait till 3 days after the question appears in the round up before putting up the answer. So put your thinking caps on and come up with some good answers.