FIC Yellow - Round up - January 2009

The next FIC is being hosted by my dear friend and daring baker Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen. She has decided to paint the month orange!! Do rush in your entries to her!! Here is her logo:). Click on it to know more, and please be sure to follow the rules. Since Aparna is a lacto-ovo-vegetarian (Eggetarian), you may send recipes containing eggs too which I do not accept usually! Take a look at the rules well, and please accompany your posts with pictures, as this is all about how your food looks!!

January started with Mumbai running the Mumbai Marathon. I ran one too but it was a little different! I call it "keep in pace with the entries marathon"!! Entries kept coming in and everyday I would religiously reply - please excuse me if I had missed any! I am not one to forget manners but keeping up pace with the filled inbox has been a little tough with sports days, parents days and haldi kumkums to attend:) - but hey! I am not complaining about the lovely entries received!!

This is the fun part - looking at each recipe, admiring them, sometimes envying, sometimes inspired, always happy to get introduced to a new blogger, to know another human being better, to graduate from 'all the best' to 'hugs', and to be a part of the event!

Thanks a lot for the lovely contributions made by each one of you, and for thinking about FIC while posting your recipes.

This FIC saw many new participants, and it gives me pleasure to introduce them to those who have been here before and supported the event from its inception. Not all, but quite a few are new to blog world too.


Supriya Raman from Ode 2 Food - (here or here) sent a good looking White Bean Soup:

She is happy and so am I that she is baking a lot more eggless these days:) - Check out Smitha's eggless lemon muffins at Kannada Cuisine!

Corn kernels and jaggery - sounds awesome doesn't it? Vijaya of Daily Meals sent in these tasty sweet corn fritters or Mokkjonna Burelu. She says that these are traditionally made in her village when fresh corn ripens in the fields!

Ann of A Delighted Foodie sent pazham pori - a tasty snack from Kerala!

We have the Well Seasoned Cook this time on FIC - Susan brings a twist to the normal dal with kairi or green mango! Here is her green mango dal in all its splendor:

Namratha of Namu's kitchen has a soft and spongy cheppi surnalli...and

Sprouted moong pulao - what is your pick?

Pooja of Sai's kitchen serves a good looking mango delight - makes you long for the season to rush over!

When she does not want to waste time in the kitchen, Rachna of 'The Gourmet Launchpad' comes up with quick tasty recipes - like the vegetarian bean burger with corn salad! I wish I could do have someone do this for me:)

Dibs of Chitra Amma's Kitchen submitted the South Indian classic - urulaikazhangu podimas. Indian style mashed potatoes with lime:

Indhu of thayirsaadham sent some traditional South Indian chow chow kootu / chayote squash kootu - I love this with thayir chaadam too:)

Puttu and kadala curry rules breakfast in many homes - this corn variety comes from Sharmi of Neivedyam.

Sharmi's corn puttu

Ivy, of Kopiaste is a popular blogger otherwise but new to FIC. She has made a huge impact on me with 'bloggeraid'. She made quince and chestnut spoon sweet for her son - we will have to satisfy ourselves with the virtual serving:(

Pongal was hot favorite for FIC this month. Here is DK's version from Culinary Bazaar

Kayal from Kayal's Kitchen sent in this quick and 'new to me' 'Killi potta sambar'!

Sanghi of Sanghi's Food Delights has sent an eggless vanilla butter cake made in cooker - now you can no longer excuse yourself saying you do not own an OTG;)

Simple, tasty and quick - Potato Pepper Fry from Sanghi of Sanghi's Food Delights.

A hot favourite South Indian Tiffin from Ashwini of Ashwini's Spicy Cuisine - rava khichdi,

a second one - Poori Masala or mashed potatoes with seasoning...

and 'come back home to' dhal - I love it!

Indosungod from Daily Musings has a rival to french fries - Pan Roasted Potatoes to Rival French Fries.Poornima Nair from Tasty Treats brings us four tasty dishes one from each course!
Kanda Poha

Aloo Gobi

Vegetable Pulao

Dal Tadka

Sudeshna of Here I Cook sends in a hearty Masur Dal/red Lentils Recipe and she says you must have your daily dose of legumes for various reasons - check out why!

Navita of Zaayeka sent in four entries:

Khasta Kachori which she recreated from her memory of the ones she had at Jamnagar - and she says it is impeccable!

Navita's khasta kachori

French Fries - Thin and crispy:)

Navita's french fries
Gatte ki sabzi - My favourite too:)

Navita's gatte ki sabzi
Simple Cheese Bruschetta for cheese lovers out there!

Navita's bruschetta

Welcome the Bhabhi-Nanad (Sisters-in-law) duo, Vidhas and Vibaas:

Vibaas's recipes
Zero-oil lemon green chilli pickle:

Healthy savory toast:

Arachu vitta sambar:


Protein added oatmeal rava dosa:

Vidhas' s recipes:
Rava pongal:

Cauliflower pakoda/manchurian:

Besan/chickpea flour kheer:

Paneer bhurji on toast:

Banana pancake:

Besan laddu/boondhi laddu:

Mysore pak/besan barfi:

and yummy chickpea bondas - original recipe!

Supriya from Celebrating little things in life sent in a North Indian Winter speciality - Makai ka roti:)

Jayasri from Samayalarai sent in Squash Poli & other Obattu Varities for FIC YELLOW - she has a lot of variations to the traditional poli. Do check!

Srividhya S of Enthaligai sent in a simple evening snack to fill up a few empty moments - Masala Pori / Puffed Rice and....

.....Pesarattu / Green Moong Dal Dosa - easy to prepare and nutritious!

Sanika of 'Spicy and Tangy....Sweet & Yummy' has a dish for every category - mains, tiffin and dessert. Here they come one after the other:
Pithla with bhaat:

Mini Moong Idlis:

Kesar Phirni:

Khandvi or Surnalichi wadi:

and Fafda:

Mum's preparation - Moong dhal sambar with idly from Chitra of Ratatouille! Got to be tasty:)

Dal from any region sounds tasty any time - here is a parippu chaaru from Maria of Maria's Menu!

Archy from Archy's Recipe Book serves Chana Dal Wada - crisp on the outside and soft on the inside:

Archy's chana dal wada

and here is an eggless mango ice cream treat from her:

Archy's mango ice cream
Arch from The Yum Factor sends her favorite, learnt from her friend - Khatta dhokla

and Eggless tomato omelette - Kamath style:)

Raaga of The Singing Chef sent in karunaikazhanga mashiyal - have it with plain or lemon rice.

A whole platter - Venn Pongal, Chakra Pongal and Ullundu Vadai! From Smitha of Dabbu's Recipes:

Asha from Aroma sends Urad dal masala vada with spicy dal dip - Talk of energetic Sundays:)

Asha of Foodie's Hope sent in a fresh and inviting sambar made from vegetables picked from her own garden - that is what I call instant sambar:)

Asha's sambar
Potato/Batata Ambot tik - A Goan dish

Asha's goan ambat tik
Arundhuti of Gourmet Affair keeps it sweet and simple - A conventional Bengali sweet rice called Mishti Pulao - Rice and dessert in the same morsel:)

Arundhuti's mishti pulao

Warm, homely and quick - try this besan dosa/vegetarian omelette from Keerthana of Kitchen Vibes.

or Sweet corn stir-fry - a tasty five minute dish:)

Maya of Konkan World recreated this plantain subji/curry from memory of what she had at her friend's place, and suggests a variety of ways with it:

Suma Gandlur from VeggiePlatter sent in healthy Sprouted Peas subzi for her sister and FIC:

Indy of Adhi Potoba served Toor Dal Khichdi to his wife and says the results were spectacular. This one is made a little differently. Check it!

Aparna of Sumi's weblog starts at the very beginning. How to make ghee:

Aquadaze from Served with love brings a delicious Paneer Jalfrezi adapted from Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe:

VnV from Veggie Monologues made stuffed acorn squash for dinner - looks so tasty I could devor one whole stuffed squash there!!

SuperArtsy Supriya from So What's New Today? tasted this at Jhupdi inNew Jersey, and tried it at home - Turiya Patra Bhaji

Renuka from Fusion shares her all time favourite custard:

Srivalli talks about the importance of lentils and the way it is to be served to infants here and here is her introductory dal from Spice Your Life! Spice Your Life is first time on FIC:)

Ramya of Mane Adige serves another popular mixed rice delicacy from South India - Nimbekai Chitranna or Lemon Rice.

Oriya Food presents twin delicacies from Orissa:
Aei Aei's (Grandma's ) Dalma:

Utterly delicious dal:

Raji from Rak's Kitchen cooked for three events, and the maida barfi is for FIC. She says her Mamis are experts in making this but looking at the pictures I felt she is just being modest!

Smitha (from Kadumanga) and I agree on our love for mangoes - "It frankly doesn't matter to me how I eat the mango, I love it as is, sweet, sour or spicy, in a dish or as pickles...any day is a good mango day..." I believe so too, Smit esp. after a virtual slurp on the Mango saffron shake!

Laavanya from Cookery Corner made a Kadhi pakodi and I had to make one yesterday because Jr.H saw this and started missing it!

Ashwini from Nanna Adige gives lemon rice a dilly twist - Dill Capsicum Lemon Rice -

Priya from her Sourashtrian Kitchen presents Dhai Amti - Yogurt Curry, a tasty fusion recipe.

Homecooked sent a fluffy yeast dhokla - her MIL's recipe. Take a look - it is fluffy!

Kanda poha or Aval Upma from Ashwini:

Varsha Vipins of Will-O'-the-Wisp sent in twin delights:
Mulakooshyam - Granny's special ...and

Varsha's dal

Katti Parippu - Kerala Sadya Special.

Varsha's parippu

Pavitra Kodical of Pakashale's Sabudana Khichdi had my daughter craving for this!

Superchef from Mirch Masala has a delectable platter laid - Achari bhindi and Lahori Dal.

Jessica of Fearless Kitchen cooked me a tasty Malay Yellow Rice. Me? Yes! It was specially made for FIC - Yellow from 500 Hot & Spicy Recipes! I am so honored:)

Anu Sriram from Chandrabhaga cooks up a quick taro root roast / chepang kizhangu fry:

Deepa Hari from Simple Home Cooking cooked a simple bottle gourd curry from her Mum's kitchen.

Four treats from Sahaja (certified cook by grandmother) of My experiments in kitchen:


Bellam pongal

Chickpea Curry

Simple Potato Curry

Bindiya's hi-protein chana dal kababs promise to make you have at least a dozen....and,

healthy barfi for diabetics with whole wheat flour and raw turmeric:

Trupti of Trupti's Food Corner left me trupt (satisfied) with tasty suralichi wadi

Deepika from Recipe For Dee-saster ... Less Sugar, Please, serves moong dal dosa - a great source of proteins in your diet!

THE FIC FAMILY - Welcome again:)

I have grouped the rest of the entries into starters(soups, salads and appetizers), tiffin (breakfast, snacks & munchies), main meals (rice, gravies and dry curries), miscellaneous accompaniments (chutneys, pickles etc.) and desserts (sweets too).

(Soups, Salads and Appetizers)

Soma of e-curry sent in a lean, vegetarian version of traditional Ramadan Soup from Morocco - Harira. Perfect after the holiday season:)

Vij, from a Foodie in her cooking hat welcomed Prez. Obama with a celebratory Pumpkin soup - may we join?

Tasty and healthy chickpea soup from EC of Simple Indian Food:

Rajani, of 'Vegetarian in me' recommends this Arabic Lentil Soup - Shurba Al Adas, if you are in the Arabic region, with a dash of lemon. Sounds tasty!

Rajani's soup

Preeti of Khaugiri served Moong Dal salad - I too remember having had this as a part of wedding feasts in Bangalore. Light and tasty - try it!

She experiments, emotes and experience with food:) Sweatha's double treat (a third in desserts section):

Moroccan style chickpea stew:

Sweatha's Moroccan chickpea stew
Creamy Corn and Vegetable Soup:

Sweatha's stew
Jaya of Spice and Curry presents Chole Chaat - the post is ruminative, go read it!

Meera from Enjoy Indian Food says papaya marcha is the common farsan 'chutney' accompaniment in Mumbai, and it looks good!

Soon to be Mom, Dershana of The Footloose Chef has her tangy urges relieved with this tangy mango dip. Healthy and tasty.

(Breakfast, Snacks & Munchies)

Yasmeen of Health Nut true to her name, serves twin delights:

Chickpeas corn vada

Vegan Banana Walnut Quick Bread

Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen, serves easy khaman dhokla - a low fat and healthy Gujarati dish. She is also hosting the February edition of FIC, and her theme is Orange. I am sure you have checked out already but in case you haven't please rush in your 'orange' entries over to her here.

Neha of #Tasty Recipes brings in street food flavor with paani poori - a puchka full of memories:)

Madhuram from Eggless cooking tries every possible alternative to eggs and produces delightful results! This is her vegan corn muffins from Taste of Home Magazine using Ener-G egg replacers:

Sushma of Savi-ruchi sends in this awesome pumpkin idli! Ever tried this?

A hearty brunch from Lakshmi of Taste of Mysore - Vothu Shavige/Rice Noodles:

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes sent in many recipes and I have placed them in their respective categories (just in case you wondered where they are!). Even looking at her dishes seems a sinful indulgence - tasty dishes almost everyday!

Kuzhi paniyaram - A Chettinad speciality!

Coconut poha inspired from Suma's Veggie Platter.

Try resisting this steamy hot poha from Uma of Essence of Andhra.

Alka from Sindhi Rasoi presents a favourite Indian snack with a Sindhi name - patate ja pakoda - perfect for cold winters, or wet monsoons!

Ramki (One Page Cookbooks) sent in a page with ten Andhra lentil stews (pappu).

Here is a tasty one from Aamchi Mumbai - Ragda patties from Ujwal of Ujwal's kitchen!

Updated:08.02.09 - My golgappas:

Hema's recipes from Adlak's kitchen - she said "catch it!" Well! I caught, mouthed, gulped and burped!!

Bread paneer - a microwave trial!

Ghee pongal - comfort breakfast:)

Veggie Masala bread - a nutritious toast!

Preeti from Khaugiri sent many recipes in different categories, and here is her recipe for the traditional Maharishtrian favorite - Kanda pohe!

Instant dhokla, her favourite Gujarati snack that takes only about 15-20minutes:)

Sabudana pachadi straight from her Aai's (Mother's) kitchen!

Surnali or Sweet Dosa brought to you from Poonam's Kitchen.

Fodnichi poli - another tasty makeover to leftover rotis, from Meera of Enjoy Indian Food.

Rekha of Plantain leaf amazes me with her creations! This time it is a corn idli:)

Updated on 08.02.09: Easy crafts sent me three entries out of which I had posted only two through oversight! Updating now:lemon poha:

(Rice, Rotis, Pastas)

Updated 08.02.09: Easycrafts had sent me three entries out of which I had posted only one through oversight. Here is the tasty wholesome Moong kichadi she brought to FIC:)

...a vegetable biryani from Viki's Kitchen at the insistence of her friend:), and...

Ujwal from Ujwal's Kitchlabs started the year with a healthy Moogadaali Usli/Bette.

Sunshinemom's saffron pesto pasta that turned yellow because of saffron:

Pallavi of All Thingz Yummy recommends only MTR mix for the tastiest Bisi Bele Bath - Look:)

Rekha of Plantain Leaf (Andhra Recipes) sent in a new rice variety - Goosebery Rice / Usiri Annam!

Rekha's gooseberry rice

What is better than coming back home from traveling to a simple

khichdi - from Deesha of Vegetable Platter OR

A tasty Pongal (also from Deesha) - The humble South Indian khichdi?

Lemon Rice - tangy and quick from Padmajha Suresh of Seduce Your Tastebuds.

Not wanting to stop with a simple khichdi Usha from Veg Inspirations cooked up a Mixed vegetable khichdi for a wholesome one pot meal!

Tondli bhaat or Gherkins rice - A Maharashtrian favorite from Meera of Enjoy Indian Food.

Lemon Rice from Hema of Adlak's Tiny Kitchen:

(Gravies, Dry curries)

Madhu of Ruchii sent a tasty and simple pumpkin curry to be enjoyed with rice,roti or even dosa.

Jayasree of Experiments in Kailas Kitchen presents a true blue Kerala feast - Kaalan.

Simple and versatile poori koora from Uma of Essence of Andhra.

Vaishali of Holy Cow! serves a vibrant Srilankan Eggplant Curry adapted from Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian.

Hema of Adlak's kitchen sent in two in this category:
Julka (or Jhunka as we know it in Mumbai)

and Chenna Masala - South Indian style:

Are you busy - try this quick semi-dry cabbage and peas subzi to go with rice or chapati from Poonam of Poonam's kitchen.

Priya's easy microwave potato paneer masala can be had with grilled bread, pooris or rotis:

Happy Cook sends my Kerala favorite, Errisery from her Kitchen Treasures -

Viki Xavier from Viki's Kitchen made this delicious Pongal Aviyal (Kalyana Aviyal) on Sankranti.... and

....cranberry beans kootu to revive her Tuticorin memories!

Cham of Spice-club made some drunken dumplings a.k.a Palak Pakodi Kadhi - low fat version!

Updated on 09.02.09:
Bhagyashri from Tastebuds had sent me a beautiful palak ki kadhi, and I am sorry that I missed out on this earlier.

Kumbalakayi Mosaru - a delicacy from Lakshmi of Taste of Mysore:

Next in line is Meera of Simple Indian Food's Gujarati version of potato curry - Batata nu koru shaak,

Teltower R├╝bchen "subzi", comes from PG's imaginative kitchen. It is a kind of German beet that converted into an Indian subzi when she went by gut feeling:)

Another all time Indian favorite from PG - Urad dal with chaunk.

Yummy Masoor ki dal from Lubna of Yummy Food:

Sra sends peace to all...oops that was peas with cauliflower from when my soup came alive:)

Rekha of Plantain Leaf (Andhra Recipes) sent 'Dosakaya Pappu' for you to enjoy your meal:)

Srivalli from Cooking 4 all seasons sent in dry spiced cauliflower from her lunch box! Don't you wih you were part of her lunch group?

Cabbage curry with ginger - another one from Hema of Adlak's Tiny Kitchen.

Shreya of Mom's Cooking sent a delicious Vendakkaya Moru Curry or 'Yellow sambar' as her daughter calls it:)

Mints of Vadani Kaval Gheta has the answer to a tangy vegan kadhi - Kairichi kadhi (Raw Mango in Yogurt gravy). Look for the English version here. I love the lilt to the name of her blog - try saying it! Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Lastly in this series is Sunshinemom's aloo delicacies:

Tandoori pesto potatoes:

Aloo rasedar, aloo parval and aloo baingan:


Mahimaa of Indian Vegetarian Kitchen serves a warm and comforting masala milk for the chills, and a tropical smoothie to beat the heat.

Soma made these besan barfis (chickpea fudge) for her husband to end the craving for an Indian sweet after the western desserts they had during the Christmas season. Enjoy a virtual piece!

Uma celebrated her blog birthday a day after mine - Happy Birthday Twin:), and yummy besan coconut laddoos served to mark the occasion!

Uma floods me with warmth from a 3-in-1 fruit milkshake.

Priya's mouth-watering desserts include:

Mango and Cream Jelly:

Sakkarai Pongal:

Pineapple Kesari:

Mango and Tapioca Pearls Kheer:

Simran of Bombay Foodie says imagination failed her when she thought yellow and then she comes up trumps with this caramalized pineapple smoothie!

Sweet Pongal for Sankrathi from Hema of Adlak's Tiny Kitchen:

Lemon Bars from Sweatha:

Sweatha's lemon bars

ONE PERSON - 13 ENTRIES!! (Nagada bajao i.e., Drumrolls please!!)

I had to place her entries at the end as I felt she deserved a special place for the sheer blogging energy!! Please put your hands together for Shama Nagarajan of EASY2COOK RECIPES for all these entries from her!!

Fried Dal

Whole Moong Dal Curry / Paasipayaru Kulambu

Paruppu Urundai Kulambu

Tangy Tomato Upma

Cabbage Curry, Masala Potato and Dry Peas Masala (two are below)

Thayir Vadai - Pongal Special

Dal and Methi leaves Rice

Methu Vadai/Ullundu Vadai

Sakkarai Pongal & Pumpkin Poriyal (below)

Ladies Finger in thick peanut gravy


Priyanka of Asankhana, posts less but if she does she has awesome goodies:)

1st helping: Tehari and Plaintain fry,

allo methi sabjiDhaba style masala dal frymakki roti and tava fry paneer

2nd helping: Aloo fry
3rd helping: Rabdi with cranberries

dal dhokali

I missed quite a few entries this time, and am really sorry about it!
Sandeepa for Bong Mom's cook book has just had a second baby girl and is back with a bang after a long hiatus. She is an FIC first timer, and graced it with two lovely dishes, the first is a Thai Vegetable soup which is hearty enough for a light nourishing meal,

and a twist to regular khichuri made from her favourite Bong Mag Sananda - Paneer Khichuri.

For the first time, a non-blogger mailed me an entry for FIC!!

Thank you for the delicacy!!


Yachna's cake


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour a 9x13 inch pan.
  2. Sift together the flour, baking powder and baking soda into a large bowl. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, baking soda. Make a well in the center and pour in the sweetened condensed milk, orange juice, vanilla and melted butter. Mix well and pour into prepared pan.
  3. Bake in the preheated oven for 30 to 45 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. Allow to cool.


Varunavi/Sarita from My Kitchen's Aroma sent this to me a day before she started her own blog in an email. Thanks for the delicious rava kesari - she makes this every thursday as an offering to Sai Baba during puja.


Sooji (samolina) 1 cup
Sugar 1 1/2 cups
Water 1 cup
Elachi 2
Food colour 1/4 tsp
Ghee 1/4 cup
Cashew and raisins

1.Heat ghee in kadai, fry raisins and cashew and keep aside.
2. In the same kadai, add the rava and fry in slow flame stiring continuously careful not to burn for 5 mins till the raw smell goes
3.Boil water, add the rava slowly continuosly stirring with one hand without forming lumps. Now add food colour.
4. When all the water gets absorbed and the rava is cooked well, start adding the sugar and keep stiring for some more time until it leaves the kadai
5.Now add elachi,cashew and raisins.

I hope you enjoyed the round up as much as I enjoyed hosting the event. It was a long one, so there may be the slightest chances that I have left something out!! If you cannot see an entry you sent me please leave a comment here in this post, and I will definitely get back!! Do look up the new comeers to blogworld and to FIC, and leave your comments for the non-blogger - Yachna Khanna's recipe in my comment box.

that was 205 entries, 109 bloggers, and 1 non-blogger!!