Jukebox Round up - Better late than never!

I cannot do without music (if I have learnt to get by without the player blaring it is because of the power cuts) while I am dusting, cooking or cleaning! It was the music fixation that prompted me to announce Jukebox. Not many felt the same way, but I am glad that I did end up getting some crooners together after all!

"Vaishali of Holy Cow!".

Song: Rim jhim gire saawan/Singer: Kishore Kumar/Lyricist:Yogesh/Music Dir.:R.D.Burman/Film:Manzil

Amitabh and Moushmi walking along the picturesque promenade at Marine Drive, across Mantralaya and the University Maidan, rains lashing out at the couple igniting their dormat feelings, and a melodious track playing in the background - "Rim jhim gire saawan, sulag sulag.....lagi kaise yeh agan". Watch the youtube clip on her blog if you are nostalgic after this one! The lyrics of this song are very very romantic - something about the torrential rain setting young hearts afire:) - howz that for feeling hot hot hot?

Vaish sang:Rim jhim.... as she made a typical Bambaiya Bhel

Pallavi from All Thingz Yummy carried the 60s tune forward, rushing straight into the late 90s. The same feelings but the scene - Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon scorched the screen with a sizzling 'item number', a term coined much later with a song to boot the show - "Tip tip barsa paani, paani ne aag lagaayi......aayi". Pallu made a tongue scorcher to go with it - Mirchi bhajji!
Song: Tip tip barsa paani/Singer: Udit Narayan & Alka Yagnik/Lyricist:Anand Bakshi/Music Dir.:Viju Shah/Film:Mohra

Pallu sang:Tip tip barsa..... as she made a hot plate of Mirchi bhajji (Mirapakaya Bajjilu)

I did not think it was possible but Ramki of One Page Cookbooks did have some great stuff you could croon over - sip on a martini and let your feet tap to the rhythm! He has sent in 1001 cocktails to choose from. His choice as the drinks mix is 'A Martini Anthology' by well known American Poet, Ogden Nash, known for his humorous poetry.
Year - 1935 / Poet - Ogden Nash / Poem - 'A drink with something in it'

They sang Christmas Cookies by George Strait

Christmas brought in some much needed excuse for singing! Not only songs but cookies too. Both Soma of eCurry and Navita of Zaayeka sang the tune of love - but the feeling is different. Soma's love for her little elves made her bake some soft Christmas Cookies complete with snowflake designs,

while Navita made these for her man, and what better way to reach the heart than the belly! She remembers her husband crooning this George Strait number one day as she made these and since then the song plays in her head everytime she bakes the 'slightly healthy' double chocolate chip (sneaked in Oatmeal) cookies!

Like I said earlier I sing most of the time and sometimes cook because of the lyrics in a song! I restricted myself to two for the event, and the second one hasn't made it because the pictures were bad! This was inspired by "Kalyana samayal......podum" in Maya Bazaar. I made the ladoos SVR sings about but mine was the maa of all laddoos - the maaladu:)
Song: Kalyana samayal saadam /Singer: Thiruchi Loganathan /Lyricist:Thanjai N. Ramiah das/Music Dir.:Ghantasala/Film:Maya Bazaar

A fitting end to the musical event came from Bharti of Veggie Foodlist. What do you do when you are snowed in in December? Let the snow in - prepare some snow topped party cupcakes for your little ones. While I who has never seen snow am thrilled about it, Bharti expresses the feelings better - "I really like the beauty of it, just don't like to deal with the practicality of it." Both the horror and the delight of being 'snowed in' reminds her of "let it snow, let it snow" - Music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Sammy Cahn!

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