Another fun event - Jukebox

It was this post that started it all. I sang along with the post (Carpenters - Sing. Sing a song.....) like she said:), and then it struck me that singing and cooking go hand in hand, at least in my kitchen - sometimes it the food that makes me sing, and sometimes it is a song that makes me cook! Like -

....Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings...

Makes me crave for cookies, cupcakes and of course, apple strudels and all those lovely baked goodies!! Julie Andrews' rendition only heightens the craving:)

Has it happened with you too? If it has - why not share it with others!

The only aim here is to add a touch of fun to blogging - I mean! Isn't it fun to see a song you like and sing along, see the food and get inspired? If you are a serious blogger - take this opportunity to unwind and relax and hum along:).

This is a one time event that may go on to become a regular, depending on the interest it arouses! You can
send in any number of entries. Songs could be - Devotional, rock, ballad, movie songs, albums - any genre, any language, anything but nursery rhymes (that will come later)! If the response is really good - this shall go on to become a monthly event.

The smart logo for this event comes from Dhita. Dhita is an Indonesian blogger from 'Cooking etcetra' - this is the etcetra that she does:). She loves pottering with photoshop and volunteers to create free badges and icons for the people like me who are not - well very logo inclined! Thank you Dhita for bringing the spirit of the event into a picture more eloquently than words could say!

(Logo Courtsey - Dhita of 'Cooking etcetra')


1. The post has to have
the lyrics of the song, the reason why it makes you crave and cook or viceversa, alongwith the details that go with it - please cite the movie/the album, the singer! If you have a memory associated with the song bring it out in the post - in short unwind! If it makes you dance - by all means do, after sending the post:)

2. The post should carry
a picture and the recipe of the food.

3. Since this is a vegetarian blog, the food has to be vegetarian (
No eggs) - if there is anyone who liked the theme and wants to host the non-vegetarian part of the event do write in to me at sunshinemomsblog[at]gmail[dot]com by 6p.m. tomorrow! The most geographically distant person gets to host it.

4. Language need not be a barrier. Join in the fun whichever part of the Globe you belong. If the song is in a language other than English please translate the relevant portions and make it easy for everyone to enjoy.

5. Please post your recipes between 15th Nov., 2008 and 15th Dec., 2008. No relinks, posts are to be fresh!

6. If you do not blog, you can still email the recipe and a picture.

7. Link your post to this post and send the following details to sunshinemom[at]gmail[dot]com:

Will update if I remember some tit-bit to be added! The logo is yet to be decided - suggestions are welcome as I am not good at that sort of thing!