Vanilla Hearts

White is such a beautiful color. It conjures up winter, snow, weddings, peace and joy!

That brings to mind that I have to share with you 'another small step for me'. Eradication of poverty and hunger is an arduous task, and while one cannot think of eliminating it completely in one's own life time, but at the same time one can definitely try and make a difference.


Valli of 'More Than Burnt Toast' (which is funny because everything there is so good, there is no scope for a burnt toast!), and Ivy of Kopiaste had organized the World Food Day event earlier this year to showcase the disparities in food situation in the world. Now they along with Giz of 'Equal Oppurtunity Kitchen' have taken it a step ahead to involve the whole blogging community in their aim to help those who are less fortunate than us.

Are you skeptical?
I too was...a little - I like to limit my social activities to my area simply because I am more comfortable that way, but seeing that the aim here is not to force any contribution in cash, but helping to raise money for a worthy cause in other ways, and that this is an apolitical march led me to believe that it is possible for me to do some sharing. I am also trying to keep my human side going and trying not to become indifferent to the poverty around me - India is one of the forerunners in poverty struck countries. Step outside the International Airport and you will get your first glimpse when you cross the Leela Kempinski boundaries. It is not as though the 'less fortunate' exist only in Asian countries. There are pockets of people all over the affluent countries too.

Take the first step and visit Bloggeraid - the rest will follow.....but please do read Giz's post here, and about her event 'Because we can help' before - she does a better job of explaining than I do. I am still getting used to the forum, and very soon I shall also have a page showing the items on sale at Bloggeraid for raising money for the World Food Programme.

Event: 'Bloggeraid: Because we can help'
Duration: Started on Nov.20th and ending on Dec. 28th.
Where? Here.
Theme: Submit a recipe you would like to feed a hungry guest visiting you during the holidays.

There is no need to raise money or contribute money to participate. The idea is to bring awareness about the food situation in your blog, to create a chain of helping hands and to involve more people into the network. Do read the details.


The post that follows is not my entry for a hungry guest! This would be just a nibble:) Like 'Oonth ke muh me zeera'.

Continuing from where I left, I could not think of anything better than simple vanilla hearts for FIC white. The recipe is from Disney Family Food - it is called Pope's Valentine Cookies and contributed by Jelly, but I prefer calling it vanilla hearts! Sounds more endearing - doesn't it?

Light and shadow

The sun was playing at my window sill so I got some nice shadows too. It is always like this at 4pm but I am never at home to enjoy the warmth, instead I am holed up in my office stooped over files dating back to times when I was still a schoolgirl - Yes! We are still dealing with files that old. In fact I told my boss just the other day how it makes me feel really really young when I see clean files dating that old - looking for the silver lining, I guess:), otherwise I find work pretty boring and envy all homemakers! I am not the go getter kind but work simply because I need to, and because it gives me the reason to do things I like - wearing lipstick, eyeliner, artificial jewellery and good outfits, and working lets me do that everyday:). It also gives me an edge and keeps those grey cells active (hopefully!).

These are exclusively for Lubna of Yummy Food, who has adopted my baby, FIC(Food in Colors) this month, and decked it white.

These cookies turn out totally white as they bake real fast but the sun made it look nice and bright and sunny, so I did not edit it to give it the white look - the light in it seems to exude a lot of festive warmth and cheer, I just couldn't play with the look:)

My daughter suggested lacing a red ribbon, wearing it around my neck and taking a picture! I suggested that tying it like an armlet around her arm but thankfully she is not one to wear her heart on her sleeve;)

I am not reproducing the recipe as there are no changes except for vegan butter spread instead of regular butter. Please see the link above for the recipe.

Aamne saamne

Ramki has an event going on which aims at collecting simple doable recipes for the novice cook.

The novice cook may need some sweet stuff too, and this one is just right to start using the oven. The recipe here starts with 5 easily available ingredients (Not much to memorise, right?) and ends with four steps(No complications:)! Can it get simpler?

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