Varuthu Araitha Kootu

This one is for Sweatha from Tasty Curry Leaf who is hosting Zlamushka's Tried and Tested event this month. I was in a tizzy after going through Suganya's blog - Tasty Palettes. Everything looks so delicious that I found myself in a fix and who but my son fixed it!

One look at her varuthu araitha kootu and he said, "Mama, make this one please!"

I did not deviate except for adding some cooked chana dal because though I reduced the amount of red chillies I still found the kootu a little spicy, so I had to balance it somehow. This kootu turned out very tasty. When I read the recipe I felt it should taste somewhat like 'poricha kootu' but it did not, and we all loved it.

The picture doesn't do justice to the dish so please don't go by this one! What could I do? The family is singing for its supper and I promised just one click!

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