Food in Colours - October

Thank you friends for your enthusiastic response to FIC-Green. I shall post the round up by next weekend, as I am a little busy due to Navratri, and work. Meanwhile here are the rules and the colour for October 2008. Please note that the posts have to be done between 01.10.2008 and 31.10.2008. No reposts i.e., linking to earlier posts. It is more fun that way, as one comes up with new creations. I shall put up a logo in a couple of days, and hope you will include it in your post, as this means more exposure, more participants and more choice for all of us.


2. The colour for this month - BROWN. The end product should be brown.

1. Raw vegetables are not allowed except if used as such in salads or juices etc.!

2. Any number of entries are welcome as long as the posts are fresh and done between and 01.10.08 and 31.10.08.

3. The food item should be vegetarian which means no eggs, the post should be a vegetarian post.

4. If your food is cooked from any other blog or site please link your post with the name of the blog/site rather than 'here'. Also link your post to this post announcing the event.

5. Email me at - sunshinemomsblog(at)gmail(dot)com, replacing the (at) with @ and (dot) with . alongwith these details
6. If you do not have a blog, just email the recipe and a picture.

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