Ragi Dosa / Millet Dosa

The other day I saw a ragi dosa at Uma's at Essence of Andhra. The presentation was so inviting that I had to make it her way! I have made this many times earlier but the addition of rice flour made it not only better in taste but also made it easier to spread.

There is not much difference in the way I made it, but here's the recipe with my alterations in brackets:

2 cups Millet Flour
½ cup Rice Flour
¾ cup Onion, diced (Omitted)
3 green Chilies (Omitted)
½ tsp Cumin Seeds (Omitted)
A handful of Cilantro (Omitted)
Salt as required

Just mix and make a thin batter.

Spread in a heated skillet as for dosa but a little faster. Cook one side.
Flip over and cook.

Serve hot! As you can see from the omissions, I made a quickie for the short break!
It is delicious with molagapodi or jaggery, and if on a diet just roll it on a cucumber or yogurt dip:)

Thank You, Uma for the difference! I will do perfect justice by spicing it up next time:)

I am sending this to July MBP, started by Coffee of the Spice Cafe. The guest host for the month is Nupur of 'One Hot Stove', and she has chosen 'Less is More', and when time is short this one is ideal!

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