Papaya smoothie

As a child I never liked papaya/papita/pappali pazham, and can recall n number of scoldings I received from my father for trying to get away from this 'chore' of eating a piece of papaya. I never liked its smell and I hated the taste, but then like many other things this too changed and now I eat papaya almost every alternate day - thank God, wisdom prevailed!

Papaya is a store house of energy - it is low-calorie (So if you are weight watching this is one fruit you can gorge on to satisfy your sweet craving), rich in Vitamin A and C (I got specs early - now I know why Dad was so pushy about papaya!), and it has more carotene than carrots too! (Source -

I better get on to this rich and satisfying drink which has replaced tea cravings for the new-born vegan in me:). Try this - I am sure you will not regret, and make sure your kids have a lot of these - it helps prevent night blindness, I read it up there!

Ingredients: (Serves 4 to 5 ppl)
1/2 a small papaya - peeled and chopped into big chunks
1 elaichi kela (Small variety) - sliced - Avoid this if you are dieting:)
I used about 1/4tsp of stevia syrup (After preparing the concentrate as per directions on pack) in mine, and used slivered dates for the rest of the family.
About 1/4 cup of soy milk for me, and plain milk for the rest

Place ingredients in a blender and buzz till smooth. I like shakes and smoothies at room temperature. Serve it at room temp. or cool. Adjust sweetness - my own levels are low as I do not allow sweetness to overpower the taste of fruits! Add more milk or water as this one is thick in consistency. It is a great fuel to start you day on, and a complete breakfast if you have a large glass.

I found that in Australia it is called 'paw-paw' (So cute!)

G'Night, Shubhratri, Shabba Khair - Hangover from KBC:)

Since this one is apt for two events:
1. WYF - Juices and ice cream event I am sending this over to Easycrafts. This event was started by Hima of snackorama, and is now taken over by Easycrafts of Simple Indian Food. The last date is 31.07.08 if you would like to participate.

2. This also goes to Mythreyee of 'Paajaka Recipes' for her Monthly Sweet Series events - Please check up full details (Last date:31.07.08) and last month's roundup here. This month the spotlight is on cold desserts. Mine is a cold smoothie served at room temp. since most of us in the family are suffering from the cold virus.

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