Chickpea salad in Italian dressing

Can you guess what these pebbles are doing in my kitchen? I am using them in a recipe this week and the answer will be in the post!
Here is today's recipe:)
I am always on the lookout for easy and healthy recipes that would be ideal for the children to have when they return from school. This is because we are out at work and I have to prepare something nice in the morning itself and keep it with my friendly and kind neighbour, M Aunty. A healthy salad/fruit juice or smoothie is ideal as it remains fresh, provides essential nutrients and at the same time is not heavy on the stomach. As my son is now more open to different tastes than earlier I googled for simple Italian dresssings for the Kabuli Chana I had. They have got tired of the chaat masala dressing and since both of them love the flavors of oregano and olive oil I felt the recipe I found here would be most suited to the salad I had in mind. It is an easy Italian Vinaigrette recipe in which I made a major change by omitting the vinegar. I use vinegar in few dishes - for making paneer or jalfrezi.
Here is what went into the salad:
3 Cups - Kabuli chana/Chickpeas - Soaked and cooked with a little salt till soft
1/2 Cup Chopped Cucumber1 Small Tomato Chopped3 Blanched Almonds - Chopped into 4 bits each.1 Tbsp. of Pomegranate Seeds would have been nice but I did not have the time to do this.
1Tbsp. - Extra Virgin Olive OilA dash of Garlic - I just grated 1/2 a podAbout 1/4 Tsp - Black Pepper groundSprinkling of dried Oregano, Parsley and Kasuri Methi / dried Fenugreek LeavesSalt to taste
A Tbsp. of Chopped Coriander Leaves.
Mix the salad ingredients in a wide bowl and chill for sometime. Prepare the dressing, and pour over the salad. Toss lightly, and garnish. This tasted really yum, and I would love to make this easy salad which could pass off as a side snack with drinks when I have guests over. I would also prefer to serve this immediately as it starts leaving water when kept for some time. My neighbour kept the salad out an hour before it was time for the kids to return. Mixed it lightly and served. For the record my son had only a bite, and my daughter almost finished the whole thing. I wonder when my son will start actually eating! The ingredients must be chilled before mixing. Serve slightly chilled, not really cold or at room temp.
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