Rains, disruption and illness gone....for good!

Hi you sweet people! Thanks for all the queries....it made me feel great to be missed...can't help the human tendency!

The rains brought in lot of things...net disruption, respite from the heat and an onslaught of the usual bout of cough, cold and other minor illnesses which leaves one feeling ill enough not to attempt anything but not ill enough to get an 'off' from office!

The net disruption was not all due to the rains, our cable guy has sold the business, so I don't get to blog until the chap who's taken over changes the hubs and stuff! We cannot change over to MTNL because I am downloading stuff 24/7, and MTNL at that rate burns a huge hole in your pocket! Anyway I have given a false ultimatum to the cableguy who will hopefully fix things this week:)

I also learned that one does not make promises in the net world! I meant to send hara paneer tikka to Mansi for the monthly mingle as I had promised but could not due to these unforeseen events. I am also trying (only trying!) to turn vegan, and the first thing my daughter says - "Mama, does that mean no paneer for us?" and I say - "No, I am not forcing anything on you, so you get to eat all the stuff you have been having so far." My sister reminds me - "Harini, do you realize that means no chocolates (We do not have vegan chocolates here, or vegan butter or plain soy milk in near vicinity!), no ice-cream, no Bengali sweets, no PANEER?" I have not weakened in my resolve since the last five days, YAY!! and double YAY, YAY!!

The day I stopped milk products, I ended up with four painful days of severe acidity, headache, and neck pain! No idea why! Does anyone know whether these are tannin and caffeine withdrawal symptoms? I am used to four half-cups of tea and two half-cups of coffee otherwise!

Fifth day and going strong after all that weakness:)

Again, a big thanks for missing me! I honestly did not expect that, so it overwhelmed me!