Pudina/Mint chutney

One of the most versatile accompaniments adaptible even to western dishes is the mint chutney with its fresh flavour and energetic soothing colour(I cannot explain - it just fills me up with energy and soothes my senses). It adds both taste and colour to dishes brightening them up considerably.

It serves as a topping in pani-puri and bhel, as a gravy in biryani and my friend Bina's gatte ki sabji(An interesting variant I am making tomorrow!), as a dip with cool cucumber and carrot sticks starters and as an accompaniment to the ubiquitous curd rice in my house!! Do give me further suggestions - I love it anyhow!!

Here's the recipe adapted from Kanak Lata's 'Rajasthani Pakvaan Vol. - I'. The book has amazing recipes, explained step by step and each one turns out so good - I made batis following her recipe and my Rajasthani neighbour was floored!

Ingredients: For 1 cup of chutney
Cleaned and chopped mint - 1 cup
Cleaned and chopped dhania patta - 2 cups
Jeera - 1/2 tsp.
Dhana-jeera powder - 1 tsp. (Roast separately dhania and jeera till dark and pound in a mortar or crush with a rolling pin till coarsely powdered)
Black salt /Kala namak - a pinch (More if you like its flavor)
Thick curd - 1 tbsp.
Green chillies chopped - 1 small
Hing (Roasted) - a pinch
Salt to taste

Grind all the ingredients together adding water only if necessary to get a smooth chutney.

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