This is the most essential part of a North-Indian meal. Rotis are Indian flat breads and form the staple diet of more than half the Country. It is easy to make, nourishing, wholesome and healthy since it uses wheat flour instead of refined flour (Maida) - and here's how you go about it!

Knead whole wheat flour with luke warm water and salt (Very little) well till it forms a firm dough. Wet your hand with water and apply it over the dough. Cover and leave aside for at least 10 minutes. The dough should be smooth and firm.

Rolling a round roti (Inadvertent 'r' s there!!) can be tiresome in the beginning but its easy with a little practice......

1. Take lemon sized dough and roll it on the dry flour. Dust off excess flour and flatten by rolling with a rolling pin (Belan) into a thin 4 to 6 inches circle. You may dust flour sparingly if needed.

2. Toss it on to a pre-heated tava on low heat and cook one side for just a second. Flip using a pair of tongs and cook the other side till the surface starts coming up as in the picture below.

3. Move the tava, remove the half baked roti and place it on fire gently till it fills like a balloon. Flip and slightly brown the other side. Remove from fire and eat it with or without spreading ghee (slightly). The roti is ready to be eaten with any accompaniment - vegetables - dry or gravied, mint chutney or pickle.

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