Baked baby carrots with herb toppings

Baked baby carrots
Baked carrots with mixed herb topping

You want an appetizer that is quick to make, does not call for too many ingredients and is healthy enough to have even when you are sick. What do you do?

I am just getting back from a bout of fever and could have made a stew, but my legs refuse to stand too long today, so the thought of chopping up vegetables, thawing the broth, picking herbs seems a long and tiresome process. I did not want my regular khichdi because my tongue wants something more flavourful. Then I remembered the baby carrots in the fridge. I had been meaning to make them sometime back but too many appetizers kept happening and the baby carrots did not find their way to the kitchen table.

So here is what I did. Not much of a recipe here. Just putting together a few ingredients and creating a flavour I like, colours that pop sparks of energy, even if temporarily. Yes, this is indeed comfort food as it is lively on the mind but soothing to the sight.

Dish: Baked baby carrots
Yield: Serves 2 but this was shared by 3

Baby carrots - We had about 20-25 nos.
Dried marjoram, thyme or any other herb you like
I used a packet of the oregano mixed herb that comes with pizza
Chlli flakes - 1tsp. or as per taste
Organic pink salt (saindhav namak) - To taste
Olive oil - 2 tsps.

Baked baby carrots
Baked carrots with mixed herb topping


Pre-heat oven at 220 deg. C.

Wash and dry carrots with a towel.

Line baking tray with a foil.

Drizzle olive oil.

Arrange carrots and sprinkle herbs, flakes and salt as per taste.

Toss lightly so that the oil and seasonings are evenly spread.

Bake in the center rack for about 20 minutes or till done. Do not let carrots shrivel or blacken. The colour should turn a shade or two brighter. Else you might end up with miniature carrots that might feed birds but not enough for human appetites!

Serve with vegan cream cheese if you have the patience or finish it up.

I had a tough time keeping a few for pictures! I could not take many as I am not really up to it yet!


Vary the toppings as per your wish.

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