The Bloggeraid Cook Book

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Can you change the face of famine?
Yes you can!

When many willing hands come together led by pure inspiration anything is possible.

As the first step the members of Bloggeraid contributed traditional recipes from their own regions that culminated in a beautiful book called 'The Bloggeraid Cook Book'.

What is Bloggeraid? (Source:
BloggerAid is a non- profit community of hundreds of members who come from diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds and ages from all over the world. The aim of of the members of this wonderful community is to make a difference in our own communities as well as help others in need to make the world a better place of everyone.

What causes does it support?
The World Food Programme (WFP) :

WFP's school meal programmes work towards achieving several Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The programmes directly address the goals of reducing hunger by half and achieving universal primary education by 2015, and of achieving gender parity in education by 2005.

School meals contribute over the long term to combating poverty but it also helps to reduce disease. It provides a platform for directly addressing child health and nutrition, for example through deworming schemes. It can also be a platform for other health interventions.

Where can you buy this book?
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What happens to the money you spent to buy the book?
the United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) will receive the funds generated by the cookbook. 100% of BloggerAid's proceeds from the cookbook will benefit the WFP's School Meals Programme, which benefits an average of 22 million hungry children each year. School meals are important on many levels. In countries where school attendance is low, the promise of at least one nutritious meal each day boosts enrollment and promotes regular attendance. This book is a virtual way for all of us, wherever we may be and however rich or poor we may be, to pull up a chair at the same table and share what we have.