Round up - Recipes For The Rest Of Us - STARTERS

I know I have been a very bad blogger and I am sure you all know why! I had also promised that this post would be a review, an interview and some cooking but I really needed to post this round up first. Having been away from my blog disoriented me a little:). My apologies to Ramki and all those who sent me these lovely recipes - in case you have not received an acknowledgement from me it may be because you have sent your mails to 'sunshinemom' instead of 'sunshinemomsblog' or because I still need to drag back myself fully into the virtual world!! Unfortunately I haven't been able to participate in the event myself, but I do not regret it much as just devouring the delicacies with my eyes is not doing much good to the waistline! Here's the whole bouquet in no particular order:

Asha the effervescent from 'Aroma Hope' sent in 'batata vadas' or 'alu bonda' with coconut chutney. Try resisting them! She has also suggested using these as finger foods by making mini versions pierced with toothpicks.

Ivy of 'Kopiaste' sent in an easy recipe for guacamole. It's easy to make once you have got the ingredients together.

The Koshy Mostafas from 'The Food We Cook' brought in some easy and crisp okra salad. Welcome to Tongue Ticklers!

Srilakshmi of 'Annapurna' is here for the first time and she presents two starters - tortilla roll ups and Raw Plantain fritters/Vazhakkai Bajji, both easy and simple!

Chickpea flour obviously is a favourite when we need easy snacks! Jayasree of 'My Experiments in Kailas Kitchen' sent in these hot and crisp vengaya pakoda/onion fritters.

We all like to experiment in the kitchen obviously, but Sweatha emotes with food too!! Check out her easy and tasty crushed potatoes.

Preeti at Khaugiri presents chickpea flour again - this time in the form of veggie seekh kababs. This is turning out to be a gluten free galore of veggies:)

My favourite Kolkata dish - baingun bhaja comes to us from Ujju of Cuisine Point. This is an appetizer as well as a side dish for me! What about you?

What would you do if you had some idli batter and some chutneys? Madhuram of Eggless Cooking turns them into colourful cocktail idlis! Hows that for a showstopping starter - an oxymoron of sorts??!!

You want samosas but you do not know how to shape those 'trikons'? Well....that is why we have Madhuram showing you how to make them in a jiffy! Use mini filo shells instead, and impress your guests with these low fat samosas!

I told you chickpea flour rules the Indian kitchen when it comes to snacks! See how Shama of EASY2COOK RECIPES uses it to mask bitter gourds turning them into bittergourd pakodas, and also uses them to make spinach bondas.

Shama also sent in vazhaipoo vadai / Banana flower fritters - it's easy provided someone cleans those flowers for you, but the taste is so good, you should get someone to do it;)

Divya cooks from the heart (Dil Se) and sent in something close to mine! Aloo/Potato tikkis/cutlets.

Updated 18.05.09:
I had inadvertently left out two lovely entries. My sincere apologies to Priya and EC!

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes sent in mixed vegetable koftas dry as starters.

EC of Simple Indian Food sent in hariyali kababs.

A non-bloggger and a constant source of encouragement Pinky, sent in this recipe for 'Mangalore Bajjis'. I will insert the picture as soon as it is received. (I do not use vista yet so .docx files do not open in my computer!)


Mangalore Bhajji from Pinky Gaikwad (India)


Maida 1 cup

Fine semolina 2 tbsp

Sour Buttermilk: 11/2 Cups to 2 cups


Crushed fresh Pepper loadz

Curry leaves Chopped

Onion 1 Chopped


Mix all the above ingredients to a nice thick paste. Adjust the buttermilk till u get a thick batter. Drop spoonfuls of the batter into hot oil , & fry on a medium flame for 2-3 minutes by turning once as these take a long time to cook. It should be evenly and nicely browned all over.


These taste good when sour buttermilk is used, if the curd is not sour, mix everything together & keep aside for 2-3 hrs before preparing the bhajjis.

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I have put together all the entries I received as forwarded mails and those which were linked up with the announcement. If I have left out any please leave a comment and a link so that I can get back and update.