alleviating world famine is our mission - Bloggeraid

Three energetic bloggers got together and decided to make a difference to the world. In a short span the number of members in this movement have crossed 100.

Who are the administrators?
Ivy of Kopiaste, Bellini Valli (Val) of More than burnt toast, and Giz of Equal opportunity Kitchen. It is their brainchild, but all members are free to contribute their ideas and support the cause in whatever way possible.

The aim:
Considering that the blogger community is very strong and quite large these three ladies got together to see whether it is possible for us to make a difference to the poverty and hunger prevalent all around us. The mission is to reach out to those who are less fortunate than us.

What is the bloggeraid cookbook about?
This is a fundraiser. The blogger community is invited to contribute a "copyright hassle free" recipe alongwith a photograph. The recipes will be published in a cookbook, and the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to School Meals, a program of The World Food Programme (WFP), the United Nations frontline agency.

Who can contribute?
Anyone - members or non-members.

Interested? - Check up on this link.

Last date for submission?
31st March 2009.

One of the conditions is that the photograph may be posted but not the recipe. It is also not necessary that every contribution will appear in the published cookbook:)

My dish for this drive is a staple from Palakkad, my native place. Palakkad is a town in Kerala which acts as a conduit between Tamilians and Keralites for the simple reason that it located close to Coimbatore in Tamilnadu and still in Kerala (border). Over the years many generations of Tamilian Brahmins have settled in this verdant place and developed a mixed culture and cuisine characteristic of Palakkad Iyers. Though I have never been to Palakkad, I still retain the quintessential Iyer accent from Palakkad and my everyday cooking conforms to a traditional Palakkad Iyer style kitchen.

Molagootal is a staple at my home. My children love it and I make it at least twice a week and still we do not get tired of leftovers (rare)!

For now - just the pics:)

Since this recipe is going to be my contribution to the Bloggeraid Cookbook, I will not be revealing the ingredient or recipe but I am sure you will love this one!