Yellow for Hope, Courage, Bri and Click!

The flaming candle one goes to 'Click:June 2008 (Yellow for Bri)' - This is now removed as Click is a Food Photography event and this does not relate - Thanks J and B!

The night it first showered there was a power cut that lasted for 5hrs. It gave me much needed break as I am generally the type who cannot sit in one place for a long time(Unless I am surfing the net!) and keep doing something or the other! I passed these 5hrs. playing with the kids, fiddling with the camera and the candle as usual (I normally do this every time the current goes which is more frequent these days!). I started reading Helen Keller's autobiography that day and the book and the candle on the table reminded me of Briana, and Click for Bri!

The colour yellow and the light from a candle always meant hope and courage to me, and these are the very things that Briana requires as she goes through this tough phase. While I was taking this I thought of Briana and had to bow to the courage she has shown in choosing to fight cancer with alternative methods!

Briana of Figs with Bri was not known to me but I can understand her fight as Cancer has become really widespread and I know people who succumbed and those who are doing well after treatment! I have also seen a friend's wife who has come out of it through POSITIVE thinking above all! And when you have your loved ones to cheer you all the way as her husband Marc is doing I am sure this phase too will pass soon! Do visit Jai and Bee's site here to know more about their endeavours to help out this courageous lady. J and B have chosen this month's Click theme as yellow which has become synonymous with Cancer after Lance Armstrong's Foundation which helps Cancer struck people. This month's event is a fund raiser to help Briana meet her medical expenses which are not covered by her insurance.