Good Chat Blog Award

Hetal, who has become a dear friend just made my day, and indulged me once more - this time with a pretty, cute award which anyone who knows me will agree is perfect for me...

Now you know why my reply comments run longer than the comments to which I am replying - is that a little confusing?! I am not finished yet! Will get back in the evening and finish the post:)
That picture is of gossiping ladies, and I believe that its the healthiest exercise to indulge in. (Good gossip - you could praise people behind their backs! It acts as a stress buster and energy inducer:)

Meanwhile, A big thanks and hugs to you, Hetal!

I got writing about books here (don't know why!) and the post turned out long, so I cut it from here and pasted it in my other blog here where I just go on...and on... rambling about things I care about, don't care much for and sometimes about things I imagine others care and take note of, after reading my blog (Vanity - thy name is woman - Shakespeare said 'frailty' poor guy did not know women enough)! If you love books, I would love to hear what you are reading or read last, and whether it was good or bad (Ummm....I don't read depressing fiction as there is enough in reality without me having to take such pains to imagine!). Asha - that is one feature I truly enjoy reading in your blog....pssst..many times I russsssh through the recipe and read the book review with greater interest.

I also realized that I haven't put your link on my sidebar, Hetal (bad bad me!). Rectified:)

On to the rules of the game before kitchen calls. I pass this on to six other bloggers who I feel deserve it most:). Since I don't spend too much time covering blogs there are few regular ppl. with whom I get to chat!

I am also making use of this opportunity to express my appreciation for all my visitors, esp. the regulars - You make my day, put a smile(grin rather) on my face and keep my spirits high. I wish to be as regular but home and office chip off considerable time and I spend quite some time fiddling with the settings(exploring). I try to follow a policy of 'this many blogs to visit today' which agrees with my schedule.

Asha of Aroma and Foodie hope - I did not know RSS (I am still ignorant of many things!) till she told me about it in her very first comment. It opened up a whole new world of friends. She is an angelic do gooder!

Cham of Spice-Club - Plain, girl! - I love you for the way you seem to lay a finger on the essence of my cooking, and of course I love your veg. delights! I was again sad to discover I hadn't put your blog on my sidebar - Now I know why my cousins call me aranai!

Aran of Cannelle et Vanille - My vision of her is that of a thoughtful person who speaks less and speaks her mind. I am sending this chat award to her for her sincere comments, quick replies and help she offered on my macaroons which I shall again attempt only after procuring a weighing machine:)

Rachel of Tangerine's Kitchen Hideout - She chatted so much about Mumbai, I thought she lived here, and then learned that her hideout is in Chennai. Again I love her comments and chats:)

Bhags of Crazy Curry - I sense a potential chatterbox:)

Mansi from Fun and food blog recipes - I sometimes love to just drool and leave comments and drag ppl. to my blog....I am horribly devious...ha ha. This one goes to Mansi for her getting back quickly and letting me know her contest for which I intend to give something special (i.e. If i cook it!)

The connection got disrupted last night as I was updating this post due to a light shower. Rains at last:) I hope I left a message on everybody's blog!

Jayasree of 'Experiments in Kailas Kitchen', my arusuvai sender and second blogging friend too sent the good blog chat award my way in June. Thanks Jayasree:). Jayasree's blog has many authentic Palakkad recipes among others but it is the Palakkad recipes that have me hooked. Do visit and enjoy the link:)
Note: That part about me being devious sounds silly now, because I always speak my mind in my comments, and I appreciate each and every recipe I come across because it is food served and blogged with love and a feeling that others should enjoy the recipe. When I read this post while updating the awards part, I felt foolish about writing that - just shows to go that I should not write without thinking! That was in jest and I am sorry if that hurt anyone!