Few things I do not enjoy....

Hetal, [the lady with the Arabian Nightisque picture, and lovely recipes to complete the look :)] of Isha's kitchen tagged me for a meme where one writes about 10 things he/she hates... I am in a dilemma as to what I should write...there is nothing I really hate - that's a strong negative word. This whole things is optional, but it's nice to make known my preferences while I am still having the choice!

There are things I do not like...things I do not believe in and things I wish I could change. In all seriousness, here goes...

1. Casteism, racial discrimination - I hate social evils!
[The pace at which I shot off with the first one...I guess there are things I hate, after all!]

2. The fact that calories pile on easily and take ages to burn off:(

3. Ekta Kapoor type serials!

4. Lizards..they give me creeps but I am quite appreciative of Nature's work on other reptiles like chameleons, snakes etc...at a distance!

5. People who treat our roads with disdain!

6. Pimples - They seem to love me even now - and the doc calls it middle age acne!

7. Butterscotch flavor.

8. Cruelty towards any of Nature's creations.

That sums it all. Most other things I can forgive(I hope!). I thought it would be easy but this took me five whole days:)

As the meme rule demands, I am sending this to
Jayasree of Experiments in Kailas Kitchen,
Rachel of Tangerine's kitchen hideout,
Aparna of My diverse kitchen,
Arundathi of My food blog, and
Mansi of Fun and food blog recipes.

Have fun expressing your displeasure at anything you would like to, frndz. It may turn out cathartic for all you know!