Taaza besan ka chilla for Dosa Mela!!

Hey Sri, your enthusiasm is rubbing off on me too!! Here's today's breakfast - a power protein punch - 'Besan ka chilla'.

It is a typically Rajasthani dish made with ground chana dal - the resultant flour is called besan - with mint chutney or dahi - just about anything tangy!

Tip: If you can try making 'kadalamaavu' or 'besan' at home - How?

Roast chana dal / Bengal gram in the m/w or in a kadai till it aroma is released. We just want it a little roasted not pink and brown!! Cool by spreading on a cloth till it comes to room temperature. Get it ground 'mota' i.e., 'coarse' - not fine either at the 'chakki' or in your mixer - that is a little boring! The mota pisa besan is tastier - it will not turn lumpy or sticky when you add water to it. It is easy to beat or mix!! Just try it once - you will never ever look at shop bought besan! I also find that besan made at home forms a thicker crunchier covering for 'vada' as with 'pav' or for 'bonda' and 'bajji' - veg. fritters (I make them only about twice or thrice a year to my daughter's irritation!!)

Mine is a little different in the sense that I soaked chana dal (Bengal gram) at night and ground it this morning to make a batter for the 'chillas'. Add a tbsp. of grated coconut or chopped onions or ginger - endless possibilities. Mine is plain with just salt, a little chilli powder and a tsp. of hot oil. I did not have the time nor the ingredients for the 'Chowpatty dosa' (Besan chillah with filling). There's some batter left, maybe I can do it tomorrow!

Chana dal / Bengal gram - 2 cups
(Soak overnight)
Ginger, coconut, chopped onions - a tbsp. each (The veg. are optional)
Salt - to taste
Oil - 1 tsp. to add to the batter and as required for the dosas
Oregano - 1tsp. (Can't help it!!)

1. Drain, wash and soak the chana dal with the optional things to a smooth paste adding just enough water. Add oil and more water and whisk till smooth as dosa batter.

Kiddy version - see here! When I saw this event - it gave me so much pleasure - I turned nostalgic remembering the way I used to make the food look cute and enticing for my children when they were small (sighhhh!). I don't need to do that any longer but sometimes I do it for my son who still is fussy about some foods!! The kiddy version may be used for adults also :)

Adult version - scroll down!

2. Pour a ladle of batter in the centre of a heated non-stick pan, flatten it outwards in circles, and pour 1/4 tsp. of oil round the outer edge of the dosa.

3. Roast on one side. Flip and roast the other side till browned evenly.

4. Serve with molagapodi or jaggery or butter or ketchup!

I have added the kiddo version in my next post which is an entry for Holly's Blogging for babies event , and how I loved making it & - my children had already left for school - eating it!!

This is my lost count entry for Srivalli's Dosa Mela.

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