Yogurt scones

These scones are going to be fresh off the oven - actually! I am writing even as the scones are baking - just to see how it is when you write straight from your heart with all its apprehensions and doubts - especially when you have got into baking 'things other than cakes' recently - Jan., 2008 to be precise! I still don't know the art of icing and decoration of cakes partially due to reluctance to use cream - I really don't need that! ON TO THE SCONES!

I was looking for eggless soft buns in google last night and stumbled upon chocolateandzucchini. The site is so beautiful, and the dishes look so yum - I just had to try one! When I saw scones, I thought of Enid Blyton's books - the children seemed to keep having yummy things called 'scones swimming in butter' - and I knew I had to make it, just to see what it was and find out the taste! I have not changed the recipe in any way so please just click here for it. Hmmm..... since I measured in cups and tbsps. approximately converting the grams I think I better put my recipe too just in case the scones go wrong - I will need someone to let me know why??

Yogurt Scones

(I have only copied her (Clotilde as I saw in the replies to comments) recipe here - The measurements I used are in red in italics in the brackets beside the original measurements and so are the changes I made)

- 215 g flour (2 cups less 1tbsp.)
- 30 g sugar (1 and a half tbsp.)
- 30 g butter, room temperature (1 and a half tbsp.)
- 1 Tbsp baking powder (one envelope)
- 125 ml plain yogurt (1/2 cup thick plain curd)
- 2 Tbsp milk
- a small handful of chopped nuts and/or dried fruits and/or a tsp of citrus zest... (optional)

(I used 6 broken cashews and about 1tbsp. of tutti-fruity)

(Yields 8 scones.)

Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F). Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

In a medium bowl, mix the flour, sugar and baking powder (I sieved the flour and baking powder together thrice just to make sure that they blend well and then mixed it with the sugar in a bowl). Add in the diced butter and blend it all together with a fork, until no visible lump of butter remains. Add the yogurt and milk, and keep working with the fork to mix it all together until the dough forms a ball. Try not to overmix the dough(I hope I did not! - I don't think I did!), otherwise the scones won't raise as much. Fold in the nuts or dried fruits or zest if using any. (I added the nuts and tutti-fruity while mixing itself and not later)

Shape the dough into a circle about an inch thick, and cut into eight wedges (alternatively, divide the dough into eight balls) (I shaped them into eight balls all about an inch thick). Place the wedges a few centimeters apart on the cookie sheet. Bake for 15 minutes, until the scones have risen and turned lightly golden.

I am having this odd nervous feeling - don't know why - about the way they are going to turn out! I just mixed the dough, put it into the oven and I am here typing away furiously and wondering how they are going to be?? Well I guess I will just go, check out and come back!! And good I did too - the oven was off - I had forgotten to set the timer, and I am back again and waiting.............

After 10 minutes - The scones have risen like little mounds but not browned yet......
should I have placed them in the lower rack??

After 15 minutes - They are firm but not browned....I placed them on the top rack....adjusted the timer for another 10 minutes....and increased the temp. to 220 deg.C..........and waiting.......

After 20 minutes - Still the same.....Why??? There was no photo on Clotilde's blog so I guess I will browse a little more and check up some more scones with snaps...
I found these at Joy of baking and they look good...not only these - all the recipes look delicious!!......but it says 15 to 18 minutes and I have crossed 20.....except for the browning my scones seem to look the same! Now I am jittery....

After 25 minutes - The bottom has browned well, the top has just started. They are however done since the skewer test confirmed that. I removed them, photographed.....and tasted.

They looked sad. I didn't like them. They were a little sweet (Just a hint of sugar) - the crust was crunchy, so was the underside. The insides were crumbly - tasted more like muffins with hardly any sugar. There was also a 'just there bitterness' - just a hint probably because of the curd?? Is that how it is supposed to taste? Did I do something wrong???

I have put this in my 'I need help here' label so I request all scone eaters and makers to please let me know whether these scones are right or wrong, or should I develop a taste for it???

Thank you!!