Sheetal Grille - Thane

Today was a day off for both of us and I woke up pretty late. We had a late but quick breakfast of toast and butter, and I was in a lazy mood - until my son livened up things by 'enqueing' my fav. songs in the comp. I was however not in the mood to cook as it is pretty hot these days and my kitchen feels like an oven, so we decided to eat out at 'Sheetal Grille'. It is sometime since we went out for food as my son prefers home cooked meals.

Sheetal Grille is a good restaurant near Vikas Complex in Thane. Though located in a busy area, you will feel comfortable the moment you are inside. It has a 'clean n green' ambiance - a small water enclosure in one part, lot of natural light filtering through the glass, covered with warm honey colored handloom curtains. I especially like the placement of the paintings on the walls and the potted acacias - They have a calming effect and the place doesn't look cluttered either! Here is a shot - one each by my son and my daughter!

It is 'Mahashivratri' today and many people fast which is why the restaurant was not as crowded as it is usually. I prefer it this way as crowded places usually turn noisy! My husband started off with a veg. clear soup but the children and I went straight for the main course. My son being a 'paneer' [Cottage cheese] fan requested for a paneer dish - 'paneer kofta', and the rest of us decided on a 'mushroom baby corn masala'. Among breads/rotis my daughter and husband took a 'garlic naan' each, my son - a 'butter naan' and I - an 'aloo kulcha'. We also requested for a plain curd since I feel incomplete without curd on my table!

The soup arrived really fast, and was a wee bit hotter than required [I took a sip and almost scalded my tongue], but nevertheless tasty. The curd was brought immediately alongwith the usually array of sauces and pickles. We were hungry seeing the soup but not wanting it - and so my daughter and I started off with a little curd and pickle. The pickle tasted really good - it did not have the 'vinegar' taste!

Thankfully the food was brought otherwise I am sure I would have finished the pickle! Here's the food - Starting clockwise - the serving on my plate [curd, pickle,baby corn mushroom masala and paneer kofta], aloo kulcha, butter naan and garlic naan.

The rotis were hot, buttery, well roasted and absolutely yummy - we had a bit of each other's as always. I liked my kulcha very much as the covering was crisp and thin, the potato filling reached the sides making the rims soft and because it was not spicy. The garlic naan was again fresh from the tandoor - it still carried the smell, and so did the butter naan.

The paneer kofta was nothing but mashed paneer mixed with nuts, gathered into a ball and fried, and placed in spinach gravy. There was a dash of sugar in the paneer ball and I did not like that very much, so I gave mine to my son who happily finished it off! The gravy was the same as that of palak paneer and good to eat. The baby corn mushroom masala was too spicy for my liking.

The food today was not up to my expectation but I must confess that I have eaten here many many times before and found the food exceptionally good. I guess I should have stuck to 'sarson ka saag' and garlic naan. I always loved it but this time I wanted to try something different.

Today we were not keen on drinks as it was noon, but otherwise they do serve good liqueurs here - I have had Irish coffee liqueur here and my husband does not miss his drinks if we dine out at night!

The service is fast, the people are good, the food is tasty in general, and the place is absolutely spic n span. Today's meal brought us down by Rs.793/- which is average, so I guess it is a thumbs up for this one!

If you are anywhere in Thane, do try Sheetal Grille.

Hope you found this review useful, do leave a comment and let me know! I would appreciate it very much.