Arusuvai secret arrives!!

It all started here:

" Srivalli said...

thats a nice and easy one...and btw check out Arusuvai Friendship Chain and let me know if you are interested to be a part of our friendship chain!"

I clicked on the link wondering what it was and was led to a boondi laddoo recipe on a blog titled 'the yum blog' and for some time I was caught in their maze!! The culinary trip was yummmmmm! I still do not really know is it pronounced as "aarusuvai" or "arusuvai". OK! I am Tamilian....but still!

What I read made me feel I was joining some kind of secret sorority - 'alpha beta kappa??' I wrote back immediately and the rest as the cliche goes is history! I was contacted by Jayashree of "Experiments in KAILAS kitchen" and got my parcel this afternoon when I was preparing 'gujiyas' for Holi!!

Here it is. That's my son adjusting the parcel to get good lighting:)

I think it is 'kulith' or 'kollu' or 'horsegram'. I think I will google........and yes! It is kulith.

I first heard about 'kulith peeth' from a vegetable vendor (If you have travelled from VT /CST to Thane at peak hours between 5:30 and 6:30p.m. you might have seen this cute old lady who markets her veggies and sometimes kulith flour rather differently) who sold it to me (I am an impulsive compulsive whatever.....buyer) and told me how I should make it - Thats how she markets her stuff!

After that it has been a regular feature in my house. I also love it since it is healthy!! So tomorrow most probably I shall make and blog the recipe the lady in the train shared with me....Its rather easy....but I think I will make you wait till I post it!!

A big thanks again to Srivalli for letting me into a new world' to Latha and Lakshmi duo for starting this chain and to Jayashree for not finding any one else!! I also got introduced to so many other 'jhakaas' blogs - I think I will spend time surfing and surfing and surfing........:) We have a 4 day break ('Id' and 'Good Friday') which began on Thursday and ends on Monday morning!!