TONGUE TICKLERS...... is the result of an idle mind that was cluttered with random ideas, images, writings and recipes. It took a more concrete shape when I shifted to my new house and was carrying my second child. I had lot of time in hand during that period and a year thereafter, so I started cooking lazy long meals and really started enjoying the experience.

I also found that my mind wandered a lot into the period when I wanted to do only one thing 'when I grew up' - write, write and share ideas! Sadly, I never got into the field. I got into a 9 to 5 job that is quite interesting but only intermittently. I will work in that field till I find that my creative outlet gives me something better to do.

Not satisfied with the monochromatic pattern to my life, I decided to go technicolour with TONGUE TICKLERS......

To enjoy the journey and learn from my experience. To share my love for good food and curiosity about various careers that are emerging in relation to food.

On the platter:
Recipes that are healthy, nutritious, vegan and vegetarian and the occasional rant!

Ingredients and recipes:
I use ingredients that are high in quality and easily available and do not stick to brands. Every cook knows what is good for the family and won't expound on this topic though I use the best available as the good ingredients go on to making a good product. I try incorporating organic ingredients and whole grains in my cooking as far as possible. Occasionally I do incorporate ingredients that are not wholegrain or nutritious too but these instances are few.

The recipes on Tongue ticklers are easy to follow even for a novice cook. I relate best to Indian Cooking as I am Indian and I have been enjoying it all my life. I like good food from all over so you will find a smattering of recipes from all over the globe.

Perks of writing Tongue Ticklers

Tongue Ticklers is my way of indulging in those aspects of life that interested me the most as a teen and as an adult, and sadly, the field I could not pursue. I do this simply because it thrills me and helps me identify the roles I would have liked to play - a journalist, a teacher, an idler and a cook, and satisfies my need to research things.

In the process I am learning that there is a photographer, a food stylist, a critic, a writer, a child, a philosopher, a dreamer, a realist and an environmentalist in me. I was not in touch with these faces of my persona earlier. Blogging brought me in contact with them. On a personal level this has been the biggest bonus - discovering myself!

I now see and appreciate the myriad colours of life and living all across the world. I always loved meeting people and getting acquainted with new customs and traditions. Blogging has brought me virtually closer to the world. I think globally now. I am no longer just an Indian - sometimes I think I am a world citizen.

Hazards of writing
I am afraid I wax eloquently on many things that do not concern food. I started Trivial Thoughts...... for the rants but TONGUE TICKLERS...... has become my platform for getting across ideas, and generating discussion. You are free to scroll down to the recipes and not read the introductions but that is how I show you that I care.

Recently I have begun a new series that focuses on various careers possible in the food industry apart from that of a chef. I try and get in touch with professionals in various fields as and when I meet them or through internet. If you are a professional in a niche job in the food industry, I would like it if you get in touch with me through mail. If you know someone who is successfully following a career that is related to food but unusual, drop me a line and a contact point that I can follow.

Freelancing and licensing policy
I am available for writing on food, providing my photographs and writing articles on life, other than that revolving around food. For queries and feedback please contact me at

If you would like to see my photography please visit my profile on Flickr.

Comment policy
Comments are welcome as long as the criticism is positive, related to the post and not acerbic or insulting. I request you not to spam the comment section with promotion of any kind - sites or products.

Hotel reviews

I rarely eat out these days as I really prefer eating fresh home cooked food. On occasions that I visit restaurants I sometimes take pictures and do a review because it gives me joy to share the information. The review is done anonymously though I do inform the chef or owner, if I meet them when I leave the hotel, only after having the food, because I believe that if the food is great, the staff should be complemented.
Sometimes I do get invited to visit places for a foodie meet and other such events but I do not critically review the hotels during such events as they are hosts. I only make a general reference to the food in such cases.

Product reviewing policy
I do not promote any product on my blog for earning any remuneration in kind or in cash. That said, I do not mind reviewing products that are in keeping with my diet and sensibilities while reserving my right to be frank, fair and honest with my readers.

Social networking
You can connect with me on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook too. I would appreciate if you could drop me a line on how you found me. If you find my recipes interesting, or if you have a problem following any of them, you can contact me at I will get back to your mail as soon as possible. If I am out of town I will respond late but you will hear from me within a fortnight for sure. Please do not spam facebook by asking me to like your facebook page. I all for acquaintance for not at all for forced 'liking'!

I am conscious of the food I eat and stick to nutritious food generally. I am not a qualified nutritionist and cannot offer professional advise on such subjects. I just follow my instinct and listen to my body.

I hope you enjoy your stay on this site. I like to hear from people and enjoy healthy discussions so do not hesitate to contact me.

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